Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So, The Grades Are In...

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The "P" stands for pass. Nothin' too stellar, but nothin' bad either. Anyone that's been reading this weblog for the past little bit knows how much pain I went through in Typography class, and I know I'm not the only one. The last assignment we had to hand in* was a total abortion on my part, and I knew it. None of it's going in my portfolio, so I don't really give a fuck.
I can truly rest easy now.

*An ad re-design, which had to be done five ways: New Wave, "New" Typography, Vernacular, Memphis, and Retro. I suggest consulting Phillip B. Meggs A History of Graphic Design if you're confused at all.)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

An Article Definitely Worth Reading

Illustration: Graphic Design’s Poor Relation by Laurie Rosenwald

A great for both graphic design and (especially) illustration heads. I happened upon this while checking out the blog of Steve Mack's Illustration Farm (which is pretty dope, by the way).
Well, back to work for me!


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Rant / Something I've Learned

I fuckin' hate cell phones!
You already knew that, I'm sure, but they're the reason why I'm still stuck at school.
Some Sean Paul-lookin' motherfucker was on the school's free phone trying to get his stupid-ass cell working. For 20 fuckin' minutes. There's a 3 minute limit, fucko!
I had no change, for the record.

Something I've Learned
If switch the "safesearch" off on Google®, chances are you'll find nude photos of your favorite female stars when you do an image search. It's fun...try it!!

See, this is why I have this weblog: to share.

I'm In A Contemplative Mood...

- Just returned from the doctor. Got me some more Celexa®. Yum.
- It seems that I enjoy Christmas less and less as the years go on. Maybe because I've been broke for the last four of 'em. Don't get me wrong, I dig celebrating my saviour's birth and all that. I guess I'm just jaded. Boxing Day is Christmas to me now. Y'all know how much I dig Boxing Day.
- I'm really, really tired.
- An addendum to my second thought: I actually look forward to the turning of the year. New possibilities. Renewal.
- I got some Flash stuff to mess with. I'll drop that new site on y'all soon.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I got me some Fleshbot props/Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

Got 'em hip to the remastered Deep Throat Soundtrack on Light In The Attic. In turn, this morning they let me know about the free porn-influenced compilation available at Comfort Stand Recordings. I'm listening to it right now, and it pretty good! Color me impressed n' shit.

Various Artists - Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka
Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Best Places To Sleep At RRC's Princess Campus

You've been up all night cramming/finishing an assignment/doin' nothin'. You are very, very tired. But where do you sleep? I'll tell ya:
  1. The Fifth Floor Futon: Provided there are no laptop-havin' motherfuckers in that room, you've got a one way ticket to Dreamland/IShouldBeWorkingOnSomethingAtThe Momentville.
  2. The Photo Studio: Also on the fifth floor. There's a pretty sturdy table in there, and it's super dark. Word.
  3. The Sixth Floor Futon: As comfy as the fifth floor one, but surrounded by first and second year Graphic Design students. They might look at you funny and/or make a lot of noise.
  4. The Sofas by Tim Horton's: Super comfy, but be forewarned that total strangers will spark up conversation around you, totally oblivious to your existance. I know this for sure. Trust me.
  5. The Sofas Across From The Library: The prime sleepspot. Akin to what the old Tower Lounge was to Notre Dame campus students, but without the large-ass TV. Bring a pillow to protect your head from the possibility of lice jumping aboard.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Slight Cosmetic Change

Thanks to Ronnie Del Carmen (and no thanks to Blogger's tech support), I was blessed with the knowledge of how to change up my weblog header. Peep Sir Ronnie's steez here: http://www.ronniedelcarmen.com/

R.I.P Pierre Berton

I don't think anybody loved this country more than he did. Of course the folks at Canada's National History Society are taking it hard.
The National Post had a really nice photo of him on their cover.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm such a jerk.

But this guy isn't. What a romantic, man. Chris is crazy eloquent in his descriptions, wielding his vocab like a foil...while I can't go one post without saying "fuck". See? Dammit. As fun as this is, Pop 77 is precisely how a blog should be operated. So there.

Monday, November 29, 2004

"omg, you just fucked my eyes so hard." *

People like these two make me wonder why I bother picking up a pencil in the first place:
Brandt PetersKathie Olivas

*as said by John aka coastrat @ gigposters.com

Al Sells Out.

I made a conscious decision to get down with Google's AdSense program. If it nets me some cash, that's cool, 'cuz dammit, I need some! I wasn't too crazy about having ads on my site against my will, but now that I have the choice to do so and possibly make some money...well, let's just say I'm still having some reservations. Anyway, it's easily removable by me.
Anyway, back to "work".

Friday, November 26, 2004


Oh yeah, baby. Spine Magazine gone done it now, y'all. They have an exclusive MP3 of the Ol' Dirty single "Pop Shots", produced by DJ Premier. Go get it. NOW!!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Can't Stop Talkin' 'Bout ASS

I know you haven't heard or seen enough about Art School Sluts, so here's more. Those Fleshbot mofos have some exclusive clips and promo photos, so if you wanna peep 'em, hop to it!
(This is definitely not work safe, by the way.)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kozik's Palatial Workspace

Holy shit, does Frank have it made, or what?
Scan like, 3/4 of the way down this thread and be amazed. I want his life, dammit.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Sweeps Week Miscegenation? Scandalous!

Apparently, Nicolette Sheridan and Shaft himself, Richard Roundtree are gonna do the nasty on Desperate Housewives in the next little bit. Ms. Sheridan already caused a little hubub during a Monday Night Football broadcast (info here). It also seems that Blair Underwood and Heather Loacklear are gonna fuck on their series, LAX. To all of this I say: BIG FUCKING DEAL.
The whole thing is ridiculous to me. Maybe it's because I live in Canada and it isn't such a big deal out here. I dunno. I'm gonna watch some porn or something...see ya.

Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm Just Sayin'...

If you're interested in picking up the previously-mentioned Art School Sluts, you can grab it here.
Wow...I don't feel dirty at all!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Some Good News, For Once.

Well, that poster that was killing my ass is done:
Image Hosted by 
<br />ImageShack.us

I just got it back from the printer (peace to the folks at Mondrian). I love it.

In other news, AnnMarie' Big Cuties site is up, and it looks hot: http://am.bigcuties.com
Man, I wish I had cash to throw her way. Delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I neglected to mention that uber-hottie Katja Kassin is a major player in the film Art School Sluts. I certainly didn't know they made German girls with asses like hers. I'm a believer now!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

R.I.P Russell Jones bka Ol' Dirty Bastard, Big Baby Jesus, Unique Ason, Osirus, Dirt McGirt

"There's no father to his style, that's why he's the Ol' Dirty Bastard..."

Truer words were never spoken. Clichéd as it sounds, the mould was broken after he dropped. I remember a freestyle that he dropped on Much's Rap City back in the day with Big Buddha Monk that still leaves me awestruck. Out of the core Wu members, several names come up as far as who's the illest: the GZA, Meth, Ghostface, and Raekwon, namely. But for me, it was always Ol' Dirty.

When I saw him rock "Brooklyn Zoo" on The Jon Stewart Show back in the day, I was SO amped to get his album Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. It's still my favorite Wu-related project. I gotta admit that Nigga Please didn't do it for me at first, because the Neptunes' production style was so new back then. I listened to it again not too long ago, and it sounded a little better to me. Actually, a lot better.

I was also amped when he signed to Roc-A-Fella, especially after realizing what a genius Kanye West is (before him, I never would've touched one of their releases, as dope J-Hova is.). Brother was gettin' his life back together, and he was gonna hit us with some heat. It's a shame. I'm just glad we were able to enjoy your one-of-a-kind presence on this earth, no matter how brief a moment it was.

Rest in peace, Dirt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Art School Sluts

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Easily the best porn vid box I've ever seen. I should cop this.
Wanna find out more? Go to: eonmckai.com

In A Rut Deep Enough To Hang Posters*

This isn't the first time I've gone throgh a creative dry spell, but this is probably the worst I've had in a while. Right now, I have an "anatony of type poster" due next week, and I pretty much have nothing for it. I know I'm not the only one, but I still feel shitty. Actually, I'm wrong...I do have something, but it sucks. It's half-baked. I might have to scrap the whole thing and start again. My instructor hasn't been any help. In fact, thanks to him, Wednesdays are filled with dread. I know one of my fellow students has decided to skip class. I don't blame him. I can't do it...I've never skipped class. I've walked out of class, but that's different.
Other than this bullshit, I have two looming deadlines that are killing me. If someone were to ask me about getting into 3rd year, I'd tell 'em to save their money.

*Kids in the Hall heads know this line.

Small Victory

As of today, I now have a day's worth of songs on my school iTunes. All hail me.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Dumb, dumb girl.

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I do believe this is post #301...and it's gonna bring more folks who don't give a fuck about me. Heh. Anyway, it's kinda old news already, but Tara Reid had a nipple slip incedent at a P. Diddy bash recently. It's more evidence for my arguement against breast augmentation. Tara, sue your doctor and get your areolae back. Yecch.
The whole sordid story, not that there's much of one can be found here. I'm getting queasy.

Two years later...

Y'know, up until the past couple of weeks, I thought I didn't have a hobby. But I do, it's this thing. This here weblog. I enjoy writing. It's kinda cathartic. As of tomorrow, The Place Where Al Dwells will have been in existance for two years. Crazy, eh? Yeah, I didn't think I'd be doing this that long either. Whatever. This shit is fun.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Monday, November 01, 2004

Letterpress Love

It does my heart good to see people using letterpress to make posters in this digital universe. Here are some fine Canucks doing the wood and lead type thang: http://listofcontents.ca/

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ah...Peanut Butter Twix®. No More Shall We Be Separated!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
After, like, 15 years of absence, Peanut Butter Twix is again available in Canada! I have one less reason to visit the U.S.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Random Thoughs, y'all

  • I laughed at this, as I'm sure the rest of you did.
  • The new De La album is fierce. Welcome back, boys.
  • I wish I was in Portland right now.
  • Somebody came here looking for pictures of ***** ******* tits instead of **** *****! Hey, good on ya, chum!
  • I really should be working on other shit right now. I'm recovering from a lame/shitty week.
  • Going to the 32 Inch Canvas Show tomorrow...should kick a lot of ass.
  • Y'know...I think that's it.
  • Oh yeah! I forgot...my name (and the names of other gigposters.com fam) is on the previously-mentioned Beastie Boys poster. Look here for proof: http://www.gigposters.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=25538 (In the fourth picture, you can see "Allan L." just underneath "Silver". Isn't that cool?)
  • Peace.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Soul Sides vs. Cocaine Blunts!

Good God, this dope! Oliver Wang's Soul Sides and Noz's Cocaine Blunts are down to outnerd each other by digging deep into their respective crates for obscure mid-90s 12" singles. In order to witness the carnage, you gotta peep both sites and download the goodness (start from the Oct. 11th postings on both sites, but act fast...the MP3s don't stay up that long). What a great time to be alive and on the web!

O-Dub's Soul Sides and Noz's Cocaine Blunts

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Johnny Crap.

I haven't said anything about this guy yet, and it's about time I did. I personally think that Johnny Crap is one of the best illustrators in this country, and it's about time that the rest of the world knew about him. Peep his steez at these here places:

Johnny's Posters @ gigposters.com

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I'm really depressed, and I can't figure out why.
I know it'll pass, but I'm feeling totally shitty at the moment.
I'm not having any fun.
I'm burnt out on porn...I think that's actually a good thing. Reading the backlash from PRINT's Sex Issue may have helped.
I feel like I'm back at square one in graphic design and illustration.
I know I'm gonna get out of this funk, but man, I feel really fuckin' low.

EDIT: Over 12 hours later, I feel a little better. I gotta grabsomething to eat. I'm dyin'!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Carnie Wilson

Despite my long history with porn, I've never bought an issue of Playboy (really, does that count as porn? It's "cheesecake" if anything.). That includes the infamous Carnie Wilson issue. I just found some pics from that issue, and I can only say that I thought she was hotter when she was bigger. But hey, as long as she's happy.

Break Bread in Village Voice!

Yeah baby!

Monday, September 27, 2004


One of the coolest Flash animations I've ever seen, not only because of its simplicity, but because it takes me back to '88.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Good god.

For the lovers of big ladies reading this here weblog, you've got to check AnnMarie's latest photo update entitled "Buttercream". Wicked thoughts, followed by a need for "private time" may ensue. You've been warned.

God damn, she's fine.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Gigposters Changes It Up!

Clay Hayes, the super-genius behind gigposters.com has added a classified ads function to the website. I think this is fuckin' brilliant, really. Clay's put his blood, sweat, and many a tear in this wonderful site, so it's good to see him getting some revenue. People had been selling things left and right at gigposters, and he saw an opportunity. Way to go, mofo!

To read about the new addition, go here: http://www.gigposters.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?topic=24285

Thursday, September 23, 2004

R.I.P. Ray Traylor

...aka Big Bubba Rogers, bka Big Bossman.
One of the most agile big men I've ever seen in the ring. See ya 'round, Ray.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage and Beg The Question

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Rob's internal struggle.

Currently, I'm obsessed with picking out every detail I can find in Bob Fingerman's comic work. The guy is just really fuckin' good! And boy, can he tell a story. The tale of Sylvia and Rob (and their many associates) is so full of realistic dialogue, it's like I know all of the characters rather intimately. A fine example of this is the banter between Rob and his roommate Jack on page 40 of Minimum Wage: Book One. While describing Maddie, Sylvia's lesbian ex (pictured above at the right of Rob) to Jack, Rob relates how his mom gets vertigo while crossing fenced bridges (one of which they happen to be crossing at the time). It's one of those addendums to a conversation that we all throw in every once in a while. You're not going anywhere with it, you're not making any point, but you mention it anyway. Very human conversation and ass-kicking art. That's why Fingerman rules.

Speaking of Maddie, it seems I'm a little obsessed with her character, too. She reminds me of a girl I knew when I worked at the late, great Musiplex. She was a lesbian, and sexy "in an offbeat sort of way", just like Maddie. I think I need to get out more.

At any rate, picking up Minimum Wage: Book One shed a little light on a few things, because I only have the last three issues. I think I may pick up Beg The Question, because it takes those original issues and remixes 'em. The panels that I saw in the latest Society of Illustrators annual really whet my appetite.

Well, got some work to do. Peace.

Oh yeah, on a totally unrelated note here's a review of Pip Skid's Funny Farm at Pitchfork Media...go here.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Stylized Line Art Shit

I'm a sucker for this stuff:

Ed Fotheringham
Robin Zingone
Daisy Art Studio

What I Got My Ears On...

Currently in my Panasonic Shockwave is Rubber Factory, the latest Black Keys album. I'm telling you right now, it's WAY better than thickfreakness. The muddier than usual production had Dan's vocals all mushmouthed. Don't get me wrong, it was a good album, but it didn't have the charm of their first one. Rubber Factory is a breath of fresh air.

Wow, that's one sentence I don't think I'll be uttering again.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Infamous Type History Poster

It's a third year assignment. Folks either love it or loathe it. I decided to start a progress thread at gigposters.com. It's the sort of kick-in-the-pants I need.

Type History Poster: a work in progress

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lucha Babes!

I think I stumbled upon this site at one point, but forgot to say anything about it...Lucha Babes is the creation of the talented Leigh Young. Man, does she know how to put the curves on lucahdoras, or what? You go, girl! Go HERE to check out the rest of her portfolio.

Friday, September 10, 2004

gribouillblog 'n blablabazar

I don't understand much of what's being said here, but it all seems really cute!

Print Exchange: TRIBUTES

I think I neglected to mention that I got down with printexchange.org for their "Tributes" series. The super-awesome Bobby "BDix" Dixon is handling the printing of my Charles Schulz piece, because I haven't touched the screenprinting process since grade 9. I can't wait to see these things!
The Links: Print ExchangeThe Tributes ListBobby Dixon

Just For You...

...the "Artsy/Illo Stuff" links directly from my Safari browser. You're welcome. "Illo" is shorthand for illustration, by the way. It's gigpostersspeak.

Gigposters.com: http://www.gigposters.com/index.php
Dave Crosland: http://www.hiredmeat.com/
The Bird Machine: http://www.thebirdmachine.com/
Trevor Van Meter: http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flash.html
Fafi (damn, she's hot!): http://www.fafi.net/
Art Crimes: http://www.artcrimes.com/
Taschen Books: http://www.taschen.com/
Tim Biskup: http://www.timbiskup.com/index.html
Skullz Press: http://www.skullzpress.com/
Giant One: http://www.skullzpress.com/GIANT_SITE2/home.html
Guy Burwell: http://www.guyburwell.com/
Scott Britt: http://www.sbritt.com/
Les Toil: http://www.lestoil.net/bbpg/
Peter De Seve: http://www.peterdeseve.com/
Rockin' Jelly Bean: http://www.rockinjellybean.com/
Erosty Pop: http://www.erostypopla.com/
Luc Latulippe: http://www.luclatulippe.com/
Bob Fingerman: http://www.bobfingerman.com/
Mister Reusch: http://www.misterreusch.com/
Daniel Danger: http://www.sidsinatra.com/
Shane Glines (totally refurbished site): http://www.shaneglines.net/
The Drawing Board: http://www.sketchbooksessions.com/thedrawingboard/index.php
Mark Atomos Pilon: http://www.cycloptic.com/atomos.html
Robin Ator: http://www.sito.org/cgi-bin/egads/segads?idonly=ATO
La Luz be Jesus: http://www.laluzdejesus.com/
Glenn Barr: http://glbarr.com/
Dave Cooper: http://www.davegraphics.com/home.html
Tom Bagley: http://www.tombagley.com/
Ed Fotheringham (a whole lotta new shit here!): http://www.users.uswest.net/~efotheringham/
Bring On the Big Girls! - A Drawing Board Thread
Jakob Westman (a Drawing Board regular): http://www.jakobwestman.com/
Grady McFerrin: http://www.gmillustration.com/

This list is bound to grow.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Black Keys' Rubber Factory

I'm currently listening to a couple of MP3s from the new album, and already I consider it better than their last album. See for yourself, dog: Rubber Factory @ fatpossum.com

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'll Get There Some Day. F'real.

Just spreadin' the love y'all:

Flatstock 5 PhotosFlatstock 5 Posters


Off the Top of My Fuckin' Head...

  • This sentence is set in Arial. I fuckin' hate this typeface. Everybody and their mother uses it. It sucks. Here's why.
  • My desk is really cool, but I had to get away from it for a while. I've got the web in front of me all day. It's not healthy.
  • Right now, I'm in the Learning Commons, the site of many a weblog entry. I'd write more at my desk, but as far as I can tell, you don't get this cool post editor when you use Safari (most graphic designer folks are Mac users, dontchaknow?).
  • I'm addicted to Fleshbot.
  • In third year news, I'm taking the unorthodox measure of getting an out-of-province mentor. I really hope this works out.
  • I'm goin' back upstairs. There's mad shit to do.

A slight change...

Sixtoo's blog can now be found at sixtoo.blogspot.com. Word.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Surprise Pack!

I'm so happy to be down with this project (mine's third on the top row). Looks like I'll be at Flatstock after all!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sixtoo/DJ Signify/P-Love/Matt Kelly

Dammit, last night's show at the Pyramid had me walking on cloud 9. Mellow vibes and dark beats aplenty. Don't front, muhfuckers, this is a dope show! And when they hit your town, if you enjoyed the show, buy some fuckin' merch. They need to eat, y'know!


Thursday, August 26, 2004


My God...check the latest addition to the bigcuties.com fam: Deeva! Could someone hit me off with some cash so I can join?

List of Props

  • ...to Sarah, for being so fuckin' awesome.
  • ...to all the folks at gigposters.com for being so supportive when I need 'em to be.
  • ...to Darklady, for writing positive "chubby chaser" porn reviews for AVN.
  • ...to Mood Ruff for this year's Peg City Holla, and to all the folks that performed.
  • ...to Mister Reusch for continuing to do what he does. Y'all gotta cop his Jellyroll pin-up book when it drops, kid.
  • ...to mcenroe and the whole P & C camp for doing the rap thang in this city for so long. Winnipeg's about to do big things, y'heard?

Some clarification for yo' ass...

I'm pretty sure some cock puppet called me a 'nigger' while passing by in his pick-up. Let's get one thing straight...

I'm not a nigger. I'm a motherfucker.

That's right...a MOTHERFUCKER.

That dude was pissed because his moms can't leave me alone. Hey, what can I say, dude? She's a fiend for my crotch rocket. I can only accommodate her addiction 'cuz she's so "good to the wood". Now really, she's a grown woman, man! Don't get so uptight. Now, the bitch you should really be watching out for is your sister, 'cuz she's been trying to catch some Mandingo lovin' from yours truly. But don't worry, I'd never touch the slut. Your moms and I have an exclusive arrangement. I've retained all international video rights, too. Gee, I guess that makes me a smart nigger.

But really, don't get it twisted, y'all. It's simple math:


Thank you.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Al'z Gigposters TOP 5: Aug. 22 - 28

  1. Casey Burns' Melvins poster: http://www.gigposters.com/posters.php?poster=34379
  2. Aesthetic Apparatus' Melvins poster: http://www.gigposters.com/posters.php?poster=34345
  3. Little Friends of Printmaking "Slutfest" poster: http://www.gigposters.com/posters.php?poster=29643
  4. Rankenphile's River City Ransom poster: http://www.gigposters.com/posters.php?poster=34351
  5. Mark Pedini's Knife In the Water poster: http://www.gigposters.com/posters.php?poster=28867

Peg City Holla Aftermath

Damn...what a weekend! Sarah and I decided to have a little weekend to ourselves (since school is starting up for the both of us soon) , so we got a room at the Radisson Downtown. It was just what we needed. Great service, a decently-sized room, and at a good price. I gotta give Sarah props for putting up with all the late nights due to the seventh annual Peg City Holla. This year, we were celebrating our own: Friday's event was dedicated to ten-plus years of rap releases in Winnipeg. The night started off with some of the city's younger acts taking the stage, but it was all about the four groups that put Winnipeg on the radar: Shadez, FrekSho, Mood Ruff, and Farm Fresh. Wanna see some pictures? I'm sure you do. Go HERE. If you check the Vinylist Jam, you might see a familiar face.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


I just wanted to highlight a weblog that I think is fantastic: POP77. It's the online home of Spacecadet Design co-founder and Red River College instructor Chris Whitford-Pointon. I wish my weblog was as dope as his.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Friday, August 13, 2004

Uh...Some Porn-Related Things

  • I'm pretty sure I've mentioned just how handy(ahem...) the IAFD is. Yup. I think I may actually seach for every porn flick I've seen.
  • I recently stumbled upon Fleshbot. Now that, my friends, is an entertaining site!
  • I was delighted to find out that AVN also reviews "chubby-friendly" flicks. Some of them quite favorably!

That is all.

Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story DVD

Holy fuck, is this thing good! I'm just about halfway through Disc 2 (I've got the Owen Hart tribute match to finish) , but I know that the whole thing rules from top to bottom.
Actually, now that I think about it, there are a few things that I would have changed:
  • Stampede footage: as far as I'm concerned, this is a no-brainer. Maybe they were worried about the condition of the footage, or maybe the couldn't secure the rights, I dunno. But really, how can you tell his story without it?
  • Mexico footage: Again, there was none. It's probably not integral to his career story, but hey, y'all mentioned Mexico on the packaging, man! Throw us a fuckin' bone.
  • Todd Grisham: Seriously, I like the guy. The thing is, I'm sure the WWE could've found someone better to do the alternate commentary with Benoit and Dean Malenko. I mean, goddamn it - I think I know far more about Japanese pro wrestling than this dude! It's like that Pegasus Kid/Liger match was the first Japanese match he had ever seen! Do yer homework, Todd. Don't get me wrong...some of the folks that'll pick up this DVD set might be total neophytes to puroresu, so Grisham might've been perfect to provide that kind of perspective. The thing is, Grisham comes off as a total bonehead asking Benoit and Malenko the same questions. Other than the fact that he was a part of it, the alternate commentary was pretty good.
  • Entrance music issues: Either they couldn't get the rights, or they didn't think it was necessary, but they omitted not only Benoit's Pegasus Kid/Wild Pegasus theme, but Liger and Sasuke's themes as well. Did they think we wouldn't notice? Fuck, give us a little credit. While I'm on that, they must've thought we were pretty dumb to think Chris has had the same theme music through his WCW to the present. Where's my "rolling eyes" emoticon?
  • No Benoit vs. Jericho '95 or Benoit/Jericho tag title victory: Huge oversights in my opinion. But hey, it's not up to me, right?

Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up. Otherwise, I fully recommend it. Might I add that Chris has the best haircut of his career? Word.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Night, Baby...

I'm just chillin' at the Osborne Cyber Cafe, doing the 'net thing. Currently in
my ears is "The Long Goodbye" by A Girl Called Eddy. I like it. She's got a sultry voice. I originally went to Anti's website to find out why Exclaim! was diggin' on Danny Cohen and got
sidetracked by news of a new Tom Waits album on the way! I love shit like that.

I'm glad this place has computers equipped with RealPlayer because I finally got to listen to some new stuff coming from Peanuts and Corn: Peanuts and Corn - Tape Hiss (1993-97) and the Break Bread EP. Yeah, I make a huge fuss about everything these muhfuckers do, but for good reason. Give a listen to "Grown Ass Men" from the EP and tell me if I'm lying. Nyahh!

In other news: My credit card limit was upped recently. I'm fighting off temptation at every turn. Online stores are beckoning, "spend, spend, SPEND!" Not good.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mo' Quick Notes

- I'm alive!
- I love America for it's peanut butter-related items. Thanks to Sarah's recent visit, I had the pleasure of trying out Overload. Damn good.
- My latest thang for the Tastes Like Chicken sketchbook is up. Go to "current issue", then scroll down and click on the sketchbook.
- I'm still an unrepentant ass-man.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Some Quick Notes...

- The Fringe ruled!
- Props to my man DJ Brace for winning the DMC Canadian Championship on Sunday. It was an outstanding event. Additional props to Skratch Bastid for coming in 2nd and making me believe the hype. That dude is dangerous!
- I'm loving Sixtoo's Chewing On Glass and Other Miracle Cures. Great use of live imstrumentation. I just picked up The Tipping Point by the Roots, and I can't wait to dig into it. ?uestlove writes some ill liner notes.

EDIT: If you're interested, Sixtoo has a weblog of his own! http://www.signalnoise.com/sixjournal/

Friday, July 23, 2004

Okay, just one more...

Last night's performance of TJ Dawe's The Slip-knot was the perfect capper to my '04 Fringe experience. My girlfriend and I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with this here Dawe feller. Talk about justified! I'm telling you...believe the hype! As any Fringer worth his/her salt knows, The Slip-knot is one of the many plays that superthespian Dawe has a hand in, and the one that even God himself couldn't get a seat in during the 2002 Winnipeg Fringe. Thank (insert higher power here) for advance tickets. Once Sarah and I found out he was staging this show again, we jumped on it.

Two years ago, The Slip-knot was showcased in the somewhat cozy confines of the King's Head. This year, Dawe had the spacious PTE Mainstage to work his magic. Other than the slight lack of legroom, it was perfect. I sat there stunned as TJ blasted through his breathless three-tiered monologue, the parts of which we were able to keep track of thanks to the blue, red, and green lights in front of him. Each light represented a period of time. It kinda reminded me of Tom Waits' Big Time, where Tom wielded a lighted Shure mic. Wait...am I right about that? I haven't seen the film in a long time. Anyway...to me, this show was the absolute height of observational humour. I'll never look at Shoppers' Drug Mart the same way again, believe me.

So...like I said, this show was the perfect end to the Fringe for me this year. I knew I could try to cop a ticket for Dawe's Curse of the Trickster, but I think I'm Fringed-out. 12 shows...that's a pretty fair amount, I'd say.

God bless you, Mr. Dawe!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

One mo' review fo' dat ass

Petey Mack: De-clawed
I've had the pleasure of doing a small bit of improv with RobYn Slade, so I know just how good this lady is. It's been said over and over by reviewers, and I have to echo the same sentiment: the girl's comedic timing is incredible. I'm telling you right now, you will not be looking at your watch or the exit at any moment during her 45 minute show. Look for even bigger things from RobYn in the future...she's a freakin' star!

EDIT: RobYn, Ron Moore and Craig of CRUMBS have the best tattoos I've seen during the Fringe. Yup.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Been Fringin'

So yeah, I've been doing The Fringe Fest thang for the past week or so, which is why I've had like, nothing to say here. In lieu of my usual hang-ups n' bullshit, here are the reviews that I have posted at the CBC board:

This year, the Crumbs Improv Troupe became a trio with Devin McCracken leaving to do his own thing. I wondered how they would fare going their separate ways. After seeing McCraken's God's Country, I knew he'd be fine, but I couldn't help but wonder about the others. As a unit, each member brought something unique to the table. Steve held the general narrative together, Lee was good at playing women and kids, and Devin brought the chaos...you never knew where he was going! And of course, Craig set the mood for each scene. In the end, I didn't have to worry about how well the remaining Crumbs would work together. Over this past Saturday's performance, the Crumb dudes weaved a nutty narrative with four suggestions: sex, dinosaurs, midgets, and balloons. With sex being a rather popular suggestion at improv shows, they could've gone down a juvenile or predictable route, but didn't. All-in-all, I was left howling, like I always do at a Crumbs show. Props to Craig for sticking his neck out on a couple of occasions to add more to the story. A good time guaranteed!

Cake Town
Here's an example of persistance paying off. My girlfriend and I ran into Darcy Bruce several times during the Fringe while he was pimping his show or volunteering. We sorta took it as a sign, so we gave him a chance. Boy, were we glad we did! Cake Town is a series of monologues (five, to be exact) spoken through different characters with one common theme: paranoia. I was really impressed with Bruce's rather vaudvillian delivery and the energy he displayed, especially when you consider just excruciatingly hot Venue 15 is. If you're looking for a show to make your last Frequent Fringer Pass notch with, this is the one. It's like an after-dinner mint: tasty, and at 45-50 minutes long, not too filling.
Uh...that didn't sound as good as I wanted it to. Just go see it.

Year of the Panda
I loved this! This was one of those shows I picked on a whim, knowing only that Trish Cooper(formerly(?) of the Royal Lichtenstein troupe) was in it. What can I say? Ms. Cooper and Vanessa McRae(I apologize if I misspelled your name) had me holding my gut during the whole show show, and left me wanting more. Yup, it was that good. There was a little something for every type of (adult) humour palate: relationship jokes, lewd sex, and a touch of the scatalogical. The pacing was great...not one empty moment in this show at all. Kudos, ladies!

God's Country
I was not sure what to expect from this show by former CRUMBS guy Devin McCracken. What I did know was what he was capable of on stage...good laughs. Seeing him on stage without Lee and Steve was different, but different for the better. Those of us in attendance today at the premiere of God's Country were brought into the world of go-nowhere dude from the North End, somewhat troubled with his place in society, but even more troubled by the dreams he's been having lately about fellow North End inhabitants. In short, I liked it. A lot. McCraken's usually "out there" stage persona was perfectly channeled for this distressed character. I'd like to think of this show as a stage version of CBS' Early Edition. Except there's no newspaper. And there's a lot of drinking. And swearing. Yup.
Highly recommended.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

It's Fringe Time!

Well...starting tomorrow. But I can't wait!

Official Winnipeg Fringe SiteCBC's Fringe Site

The first show for Sarah and myself: Chris Gibbs From The Neck Up

Monday, July 12, 2004

Ahh, memories...

I just found info on the first porn film I ever saw thanks to the Internet Adult Film Database. This thing is pretty handy! For, uh, research.

What Kind of Girls Do You Think We Are?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Iconophile

Here's an amusing site that I found while doing research on Maria Schnider (infamous starlet of Last Tango in Paris). It lists many actresses, some of them well-known, some of them forgotten. If they did any nude scenes, this dude knows about it. He's got pics, but you ain't gonna get at 'em that easy, sucka! You gotta get one of them fancy-dan IDs to do so (The "Profane Pics" are the only ones you can get at without one). Sorry, Charlie.

Y'know...if I had the time, I'd probably do a site like this, too.

The Iconophile's Celebrity Pantheon

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

TLC Sketchbook!

Hey there! I have an entry in this month's Tastes Like Chicken Sketchbook! To see it, go to "current issue" and scroll down to the bottom for the sketchbook. This month's topic is "Ray".

"Raw is Jericho!"

In Winnipeg, you'd have to have been dwelling under a rock if you didn't know that the WWE was in town. It was in all the freakin' papers, dude. Hometown boy (and fellow RRC alum) Chris Jericho received both the Order of the Buffalo Hunt (an honour also bestowed upon the late Mother Teresa) and the Key to the City from new mayor Sam Katz (I voted for him!). I was not there, 'cuz I was broke, as usual. It would've been cool to see the second-last card at the "old barn" (tonight's SmackDown taping will be the last wrestling show in the Winnipeg Arena, the wrestling Mecca of the Prairies), but hey, whatareyagonnado? The fact that I missed the boat will give me the impetus to get tickets for the first WWE event at the soon-to-open MTS Centre, whenever the fuck that's gonna happen. I heard recently that the initials MTS in French are synonymous with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. That's quite an oversight on the part of the Manitoba Telecom System.

Anyway...I taped the show last night, and I decided to take a stab at the recap/commentary thing that folks like Scott Keith do. I can't promise that it'll be good.

- Shit, the Arena looks pretty good with the RAW gear inside of it! What gets me is that I cant see the familiar yellow walls. Did they repaint 'em? I dunno...I haven't had a reason to go there since the last card I was able to afford. I think that was about two years ago. Yellow walls used to tell me whether a show was being held at Winnipeg Arena or Boston Gardens. But I digress...

- Eugene is in charge in this installment and starts off the show with a game of musical chairs for a championship match. Your participants: Jericho (wearing a snazzy Jets shirt with the old school logo), Ric Flair, Stacy Keibler(nice ass for a lanky girl), Tyson Tomko, The Coach, Tajiri, and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Brilliant. Comedy ensues, and Jericho wins the game and a title shot against Randy Orton later in the show. The fans are fuckin' rabid! Damn, I wish was there.

Uh, okay. It seems that finding a proper partner is Rhyno's latest schtick. That's cool...it's something for him to do. The fans mercilessly diss Grenier's butchering of "O Canada", and rightfully so. I'm sure he's just being a good corporate citizen, but I gotta wonder what kind of convincing it took for Rob Conway to accept this faux-Quebecois gimmick. Maybe the fact he's no longer in developmental hell? Quite possibly. La Resistance have the coolest boots in the organization. Yup. Anyway, La Res beat Rhyno and "The Big Valbowski" with an "Au Revoir". Inoffensive little match.

- Raw Diva Search? Who gives a fuck? I don't.

- Oooh...Triple H is addressing the people. It's cool that he didn't quite bury Benoit in promoting their upcoming match at Vengeance. Will he get the belt back? All signs point to yes. *sigh*
Well, lookee here...Edge has somthin' to say. Dude's got the best teeth in wrestling. I hope he retires with all of them.

- An ad for Flair's book. It's out today in the States, July 23rd for us Canucks. I checked.

I no longer hate Batista, because he seems rather effective in tag matches. Somewhat entertaining, even. This match (made by Eugene) has "bad" written all over it though. Yup...I was right. Mercifully, the match was ended by DQ due to Matt Hardy's interference. I really, really, really can't wait for this Lita/Matt/Kane pregnancy storyline to die. Yecch.

The fans are totally eating this up, of course. I'm sure it's especially deafening on the floor. I wonder if the WWE will re-think its "Canadian babyface/American home" announcement policy. Probably not. I'm liking Orton more as the days go by. The dude really knows how to sell wear-down type holds and he throws a mean dropkick. This match was dope from beginning to end with Orton using the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Yeah, Jericho jobbed in his hometown, but not cleanly. Chris is still on top, baby. That reminds me, it was cool to see Jericho do the "c'mon, baby" pin attempt on Orton. I busted a gut on that.

- Next, Trip has a meeting with Eugene in his "office". Good stuff. I gotta wonder when we'll see the real Nick Dinsmore appear. This nouveau-George "The Animal" Steele thing is already wearin' kinda thin with me.

Oh God. The best thing about this is that Lita isn't in this to stink it up any further. I truly wish the Women's title actually meant something. For that to happen though, I'd have to enter an dimensional portal and live in a world where North America turns into Japan.
Did I mention that I think Molly is fine?
Uh...anyway, Nidia "wins". Stratus belts her with her "injured" hand and demands that the ref make a 3-count. Great, the Nidia/Stratus program I was dying to see!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that BENOIT FUCKIN' RULES!!!


Benoit was in this one for most of it, mainly to throw a little more heat on his match with Triple H this Sunday. We also saw an interesting dynamic in this match between Eugene and Benoit. Benoit showed compassion in this match, not wanting to put the hurt on ol' Euge, and Eugene had conflicting feelings about smacking Chris with a chair. It remains to be seen whether fans will continue to support Eugene through his ethical ups and downs or if Winnipeg will be known as the city that set him on the heel path. Who knows?

What I do know is that I couldn't do this kind of thing every week. Lemme show you how it's really done.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Happy Canada Day!

Yeah, I'm early. I don't plan on being around the 'net tomorrow, so I figured I'd hit y'all off with a good wish for the moment. I figure I'm gonna spend the day reading this. Sarah gave it to me as a grad present. She rules.
By the way, I highly recommend checking out the Drawn and Quarterly web page. It's beautiful.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Cowboy Bebop

I'm almost finished watching all 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop. What a series! I've been thouroughly entertained by each episode. And the music for the show is absolutely great. There's elements of jazz, reggae, blues and other genres mixed into it. Along with the action-filled stories, it makes for a very engaging viewing experience. Believe the hype, fucker!
Thanks to Jean Snow, I now know of a new series created by Shinichiro Watanabe, Cowboy Bebop's character designer: Samurai Champloo! I can't wait for this to hit our shores. Of course, I could jump on the BitTorrent bandwagon, but y'all know where I stand on that shit. Patience is a virtue.

IMDB Listing

Mini-poster thang.

My contribution to the gigposters.com Surprise Poster Pack for Flatstock 5:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Friday, June 25, 2004

Seripop @ CBCradio3.ca

This week, the folks at the Mother Corp. have decided to shine a light on Serigraphie Populaire, better known as Seripop. They do some really hot shit. See for yourself at cbcradio3.ca (check the table of contents).

On a somewhat related note, I just got into Advanced Diploma Graphic Design Program at Red River (aka Third Year). Yay! More sleepless nights!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Pistons

Props to the Detroit Pistons for defeating the LA Lakers for the NBA Championship. I wish I was still a basketball fan, then it would mean more to me. I was a Pistons fan throughout the "Bad Boy" era, and a basketball fan in general. But, after Jordan's first retirement, and Isaiah Thomas leaving the game as a player, my interest waned. I'm more adept at following the world of pro wrestling than the NBA. There are kids that live and breathe that shit that would put me to shame. Still, I can't help but feel a tiny bit of pride for 'em. Way to go, guys.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ray Charles

Rest in peace, Brother Ray. I always thought you were gonna be around to keep thrilling us. I have no doubt that you're leading the choir now.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Co-operation Makes It Happen

I just sent the following pics to some fellow gigposterers for some cross-border/cultural collaboration-type shit. Can't wait to see what develops!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Off the Top of My Head

- I'm currently listening to a stream of Pedro the Lion's new album Achilles Heel and downlaoding photos. I might be doing a poster for 'em.

- I'm hungry.

- I've been a bit of an anime kick lately. In the past couple of weeks, I have rented the first Trigun DVD, Perfect Blue, and Vol. 3 of Cowboy Bebop. Japan on the brain, yo.

- Currently hooking up some collabos through gigposters.com. Time to get of my ass.

- I hate cell phones. Some motherfucker nearby me has a Sean Paul ringtone. Where's my knife?

- I absolutely love Nanalan. And if you haven't checked it out yet, Iron Chef America is fuckin' killer.

- Got the new Exclaim! issue in my bag. Two of 'em actually: one for the bag (for boring bus trips), and one for the bathroom. Yup.

- I'm broke. That sucks.

- I'm outta here.

Monday, May 31, 2004

A Week In the Life of Marcellus Hall

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Marcellus Hall, the voice behind the late, great Railroad Jerk and White Hassle(which is thankfully still around). It turns out that he is also an accomplished illustrator. He sent me a link to an online diary he kept for MSN's Slate, which is very entertaining. Wanna see it? Here ya go.

I've Noticed Something...

This site looks WAY better if you check it out through Safari on a Mac or on a PC. Just thought I'd mention that.

The Return of Wrestleline.com
Oh yeah! One of my favorite sites has returned from the dead...Wrestleline.com! Now I won't have to pop over to RF Video for their scant newsbriefs. I'm a happy camper.

Thursday, May 27, 2004


I just had the displeasure of having Natalie Pollock and her equally repulsive brother sitting across from me. Yeccch.


I've got my sidebar just the way I want it, thanks to Mr. Bowman. Rock n' roll.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Sketchbook Shit.

My thoughts on May 17th...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Entertaining myself at Addition-Elle while Sarah was shopping...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One of the many sad sack carnies at the Victoria Day Weekend Fair at the Forks...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Growing Pains 2

The changes are almost done! No more Haloscan, 'cuz Blogger came correct and added their own commenting system. Site Meter is stickin' around, however. I like finding out how folks find my digital desert isle. Also, I have junked the Mondrian/Partridge Family template in favour of "Rounders 2", designed by Douglas Bowman. Now I just gotta figure out how to move the links to the side, and everything will be hunky-dory.
Change is good.


I highly recommend checking out Jean Snow's weblog. Jean is an ex-pat Canuck from Moncton, NB living in Tokyo with his wife Yuko. I first stumbled upon his site looking for pictures of Bob Sapp. If you wanna know more about him, here's an interview he did recently.
I tell ya...I gotta visit Japan soon. I'm like, yearning for a visit to this country.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Random Thoughts

- Props to all the folks who found this site through search queries such as "**** *** nude" or "**** *** topless". Congrats! I hope you found what you were looking for.

- I gotta say I'm really happy that I'm not the only one that's excited about ** *** appearing topless in her next two films. She's fuckin' delicious.

- I need money. Don't wanna work for it, though. Oh, alright...I will. Stop nagging me.

- I still want to change this here weblog up. I'll find a template that suits my needs eventually.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

A little copycat experiment...
"I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday, then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you."
This was Andrea's idea. It sounded kinda fun, so I was like, "sure!"

Monday, May 17, 2004


Good thing I saved my original template. Change is good, but it sucks when it fucks everything up.
I just noticed how wide pics knock all my info to the bottom. Not good.

Growing pains...

I decided to shake things up a bit, so things are gonna look fucked up around here. Bare with me. If yer out there.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Imageshack roolz!!
Thanks to imageshack.us, I can share the occasional pic with y'all.
Here's a cleaned-up sketchbook image of Bob Sapp from my sketchbook:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Color me flabbergasted...
God decided to drop a ton of snow on us! Don't get me wrong, I love snow. But this is, well, kinda crappy. I was just getting used to the Spring clothing-to-skin ratio.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Oh yeah...
We've got our websites up, baby! Well...some of us. According to my man Steve Cote, only 10 of them are up(he knows because he bothered to check). At any rate, check the home page, because our sexy mugs are up there. Except that of Chantal Chartier, who's a tad camera shy. It's a shame, 'cuz she's the hottest of the bunch.
Untitled: 2004 RRC Second Year Graphic Design Students
If you choose, you can go directly to MINE.
Wow...it's truly over, yo!
I have finally finished the Graphic Design course at RRC. It feels great! The world is my proverbial oyster and all that bullshit. I have, however, applied for the optional third year of the course, because I am a glutton for punishment. Well, not really. I just wanna get better n' stuff. Y'know? Here be the marks:

Advanced Campaign Management C+
Advanced Creative Imaging & System Management C+
Advanced Electronic PrePress C
Advanced Graphic Design D
Advanced Publication Design C+
Advanced Rendering for Illustration B
Design Management 2 B
Portfolio Presentation C
Work Experience 2 C

There ya go. Just about an hour before all this, I was cleaning up my work era because the muhfuckin' school brass want our shit cleared out like, tomorrow. Hey, I don't like it, but I can do it. I'm not sure about the rest of my fellow students. Some of them aren't even in town and have left shit behind.

Open House: May 6th and 7th
A fun couple of days there. F'real. I gotta give a shout out to Home of Instant Printing for getting my makeshift business cards done up superfast. I really appreciate it, because I was behind the 8 ball to get 'em done on time before the show. Here's what the back of 'em look like:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I used the translator in Sherlock(a Mac OS thing) to generate the Japanese characters for "Sexy Black" and included the Apple disclaimer at the bottom to protect my ass.

As I was saying...Open House was mad fun. The first night was Industry Night, so we all made sure we were dressed to the nines n' looking sharp. There was job potential in the air, don'tchaknow? The girls of my class, that already looked hot were off the chart in hotness that night. Kinda makes a dude like me happy to be alive n' shit.
Later, we were treated to a lecture by Darcy Clarke of Calgary's Push Branding. Admittedly, I was at first pissed off when I found out that he was gonna be our guest speaker, because I never heard of him and his company. That, and I don't think the list of potential speakers I had submitted was even looked at. Whatever. In the end, he won me over. His group's work is quite fun, and it was cool to hear the stories behind the campaigns.

When all was said and done, I don't know if any of us got jobs, but we sure as hell had a lot of fun! After the schmoozing was done, me and a few of my fellow students went over to a nearby studio space (rented by some friends of mine) to chill. It was a lot of fun, just sittin' back, thinking about what the future might hold.

We capped the night off at The King's Head. I got hugs from all the girls. Al was a happy man that night. I think we realized we might never see each other again (some of us, anyway), so we did what we could to make the night memorable. Being that the night was crisp and cool, and I had some energy to burn, I decided to walk home. Best decision I made all day. The strains of Railroad Jerk's The Third Rail kept me company.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Lazy-ass Days.
- It's kinda cool to have nothing to do for once. I just wish the weather was better (Winnipeg is rockin' a post-rain chill. Waitasec...the sun's coming out!) I'm in the mood for some readingbrandnewcomicsinanearbybaseballfield weather. *sigh*
- Spent a good section of the weekend with Sarah. Good times. This doesn't happen enough.
- Friday was fun as I went to my first show in months (except for
Another Bad Creation). I, along with a packed house at the Pyramid watched DJ Brace (TOOSICKS!) kill the decks to win the DMC 2004 Winnipeg Eliminations(HERE is a photo collage of all the competitors with Bracio front and centre). Props to Res One and DJ Ghost for picking up second and third respectively.
- The rest of the weekend has been taken up by watching The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection on DVD. Pure, unending entertainment. I had trouble leaving the house because of this thing.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Last day of school.
Wow. It's like, finally over. Now I don't wanna leave! This is my other home. Actually, it's become more like home than my real one. I sleep here...a lot.
Anyway...I still have open house to set up for. But for now, I'm gonna hang out with Sarah. That doesn't happen enough.

Monday, April 26, 2004

These final assignments and the portfolio review will be the death of me.

On a brighter note, I'd like to express just how dope Railroad Jerk's The Third Rail is. It's a total "bus listening" album. Pick it up, and you're in for a good mix of spazzy punk, blues, and country. Currently, this album is providing an island of sanity for me.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Pay a visit...
...to gigposters.com if you haven't lately, because you can now search the site by band, forum, and designer! The best site in the world just got a whole lot better!

On a different note, after reading a few of the stories in the latest Vice, I may never complain about my lousy jobs ever again. These folks have it worse.

Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm only gonna say this one more time...
"Rap is something you do/Hip-Hop is something you live!"
- KRS-One

Okay? Do ya follow? Good. I'm sick of people getting it twisted.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Two new links...
Been real busy, y'all...I'll be back with something substantial in the near future. In the meantime, peep the new links at the bottom left: VitalCigns and the revamped Scott's Blog of Doom!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Mystery of Kubrick
A wicked article on the obsessiveness of Stanley Kubrick: Guardian Unlimited

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Thank God for Free Stuff!
Mad props to my man Hector Giron for hittin' me off with a copy of R. Crumb's Art & Beauty Magazine #2 for free! It's good shit...I highly recommend that you get a copy. Really.

Also, I've just been informed by my man Rooshy that I've got a tube of goodness heading my way! Oh baby!! As soon as I'm rich, I'm sending this guy some cash! Thanks, Mark!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Yo...got a whole lotta stuff fo' ya.
- First and foremost, R.I.P. Hercules Hernandez.

- I hate to follow that up with this, but have you heard about what went down with Rob Feinstein, former owner of RF Video and the Ring of Honor promotion? He got busted in a televised sting operation that was cracking down on folks using the net to hook up with underage kids! You can find out what happened at www.1wrestling.com...beware the pop-ups.

- The past weekend was mad hectic. First my class had to participate in the 2nd Annual Forks Market Art Festival and Auction (you can see the poster I made but didn't get used here. ). It was for a couple of good causes, though: US and Winnipeg Harvest. While I had a lot of fun, I learned a valuable lesson from it. You can read about that here.

- My man Len's art show was a big success as was my other man Kev's Another Bad Creation at the Bull and Bear Pub. It was a rather unusual place to hold a rap show, but this was no ordinary event, either. Because not only was my other OTHER man Don Ritson doing some live painting, but Satchel Paige, John Smith, and surprise guest Pip Skid were on stage to support a relative unknown. It's not like Kev hadn't been on stage before, it had just been a long time between appearances, and the forementioned gentlemen are local heavyweights. At any rate, the night was pretty special. I think everyone went home pretty happy, including me...I got on stage for one song.
See, now I know you're wishing y'all had been there. Here's the next best thing: some photos!
Props to Hector Giron for puttin' down some mean licks during the set.

- One last thing...the new Pip Skid album is killer! Get it here. You know you wanna.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Werk XpeerEhnse
Whut up?
So, today was my first day of my work practicum at The North West Company. I think I'm gonna like it there. The person responsible for me is my old friend Vanda Toews, so I'm pretty stoked. I'm being given a lot of stuff to do, unlike my last one. Good times all around.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Bad Al! Bad!
I've got to stop my self-destructive eating. I just put away two Big Bite® Taquitos and Alpha Bits combined with hot chocolate and Peanut Butter Chipits®(made with real Reese® Peanut Butter!). Not good. Tasted good, but not good for me.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Ectoplasm, yo.
I feel like a ghost. I've been wandering this place(RRC) for hours doing nothing. I feel the need to get away. I guess I'm heading off to Sev. I need comfort food.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Fuck It, I Quit.
Ladies n' gents, Yoko Tanji. Wanna see how she does what she does? It's all right here.

Monday, February 23, 2004

That's the date Madvillain drops, and I can't fuckin' wait. For the past two weeks or so, I've been listening to a few tracks from Madvillainy, the hot-ass bootleg. To get the whole story behind that check Fake vs. Real. I wouldn't normally condone the whole bootleg thang, but this is kinda different, because I plan to actually buy the album...listening to Madvillainy is like getting a snippet tape. And in the case of the The Grey Album, the illegal shit is okay, because there is no way that EMI was gonna let this see the light of day legally.
Anyway, get the official scoop here:http://www.stonesthrow.com/madvillain/index.html . According to the FAQ, I should "shun" the bootleg, and "reserve judgement", but hey, I had no doubt that it was gonna be dope.

Other Stuff:
- My man Don got props at the Wooster Collective! Take a look.
- Here's an assignment that was due today. I kinda like what I did.
- My man Len has got a show comin' on the 6th. If you happen to be in town, check it out. Here be the vitals.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Nickelback DOES Suck. Admit it, Chad.
When you have to ASK your fans to throw bras at you, YOU FUCKING BLOW.
Hella lame.
Contemplating gettin' down with these folks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Finally, some true downtime!
Hey there. As usual, I've been up to my ass in schoolwork. Same-old, same-old. One hurdle has been taken care of, though: my book project. That's right, I wrote a fuckin' book. Don't get bent outta shape, it's not some epic tome. Basically, what I did was a guided tour of my room. I kinda like the end result. And, to give props-where-props-iz-due, here's where I got the idea: mc.clintock.com
Check it out. Nutty, eh?
Well, I should leave. I spend WAY too much time at school.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Fine Winter Day
Yesterday was the closest thing to a perfect winter day that you could get. I spent about hour or so walking on the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail (that's right...walking ON the Assiniboine River. Take a look). For the first time in a while, it felt good to be alive.

Friday, January 23, 2004

So Long...
R.I.P. Bob Keeshan aka "Captain Kangaroo" and Helmut Newton

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Neil Swaab
...is fuckin' twisted. I like him! Check him out here. Thanks to Mark Remoquillo for getting me hip to "Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles".

Sunday, January 11, 2004

I turned 29 today. I guess I should be happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for every second I've been alive on this here planet...even the regrettable seconds, of which there have been many. It's just that the passage of time gets me kinda melancholy. Maybe I've spent so much time moping around during past birthdays that I've forgotten how to enjoy them. I dunno. Add that to this feeling of foreboding that I've been trying to shake regarding school (I feel things might not go the way I want 'em to, and that I might lose my passion somewhere down the line), I'm kinda messed up inside. Maybe I should just shut the fuck up and be happy. Whatever.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Wow...that last post was a fuckin' downer!
...and it was the first of the year, too. No matter. Things are just goin' kinda slow around here, and I'm just putting too much pressure on myself. Anyway, fuck it. Let's see what I've been up to:

- Christmas was wicked for me...how was yours? Had fondue instead of turkey.

- Sarah bought me a DVD player...did I mention I have the best fuckin' girlfriend in the world? Now that I have money again (thanks Misericordia!), I gotta grab me an RF modulator (my TV is old n' shitty), and the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection. Good times!

- Last Movie of 2003: Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Saw it on New Year's Eve with Sarah and a friend of hers. Non-stop entertainment...there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with this film. NOTHING.

- First Movie of 2004: Just An American Boy. Saw it last Saturday after my last shift (hopefully my VERY LAST...) at le Miz. It follows Steve Earle and the Dukes on tour from late 2002 to early 2003. During this time Steve was bravely facing the heat caused by his song "John Walker's Blues", where Steve walks a mile in the shoes of John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban". It also covers his time in jail, drugs, bluegrass, touring, and becoming a playwright. A truly riveting 90 minutes.

- I'm sure I've mentioned just how dope Dave Cooper is at some point. I picked up his hardcover book, Overbite on Boxing Day (my favorite day of the year!) for half price! A total steal...highly recommended.

Yo...I'm hungry as fuck, so I'll see you later. Peace!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I'm in class right now. I should be happy, because I'm not at Misericordia. But I'm not. I'm bored. I'll come back later.