Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Hooked

Friend and illustrator Stacy Curtis got me hooked on Strip Search. With the exception of The Amazing Race, I hate reality TV competitions, but this, THIS speaks to me. Cartooning and a reality show where folks are actually civil to each other? Sign me up!

I watched the first episode just out of curiosity, and there was enough to keep me coming back for 24 more episodes. Several shows into it, I wondered aloud as to why I was watching this thing, but now I'm fully immersed and unashamed.

It's down to the final four cartooning combatants, but I'm not going to spoil it all for you. If the teaser above didn't drive you away, jump right into the first episode.

A side note: I'm a webcomic junkie, but I've read very little of Penny Arcade, the title (and apparent pop culture empire – they've got a shitload of shows and merch, man) that this show is based on. Unlike Sinfest, Girls with Slingshots, and Johnny Wander, I've never felt like diving way back into the archives to start at the beginning. And I can't say that the whole "dickwolves" thing spoke to me, either. With that said, none of the 12 contestants seem to have a problem with any of that. So, I'll continue watching.

Disclosure: I've got crushes on Katie and Lexxy. Can you blame me?