Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Thoughts: November 12th, 2007 – Fifth Anniversary Edition

R.I.P. Galaxy Skateland
Higgins Goes Hollywood
Top: R.I.P. Galaxy Skateland
Bottom: TV movie magic on Higgins Ave.

  • So yeah, five years for The Place Where Al Dwells...! Crazy. I'm not even sure if a five year anniversary in the "blogosphere" (ugh) is much of a milestone, but it is what it is. I started this quite clearly on a whim, which you can tell by my first month of posts. God, those are ghastly. Now, this is here blog is less of a bitchfest and more of a portfolio site/bitchfest.
    What's changed about me since the start of this motherfucker? Not a whole lot: I'm still black (whew...thank God!), fat, and a lover of fat chicks everywhere. I'm planning on working on the fat thing. I will attempt to walk to work 3 times a week. Yeah, I'm saying that NOW, of course. I guess it's in "writing" now. Fuck.

    Another change: I'm far more cynical about the state of the world and life in general. I really don't know what the hell happened this year, but some sort of switch turned on, and now I'm not sure if I'll ever look at things the same way again. Ignorance is bliss. Mortality, life after death, overpopulation, pollution and conservation = my constant thoughts. 32 is way too late in life to start taking drugs, but I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind to start. But then, I wouldn't be able to support my non-illicit/somewhat acceptable habits.
  • Pip Skid's EP. My man dropped a recording – The Pip Donahue EP – last week, and it fucking rules hard. While not an official Peanuts & Corn release, diehard fans have been aching for something since Smitty's Growing Pains was put out, so this EP was more than welcome. I was honored to be asked to handle the design for this thing, while Eddie Ayoub provided the badass illustration. Grab the EP from and check the liner notes here. Me, Pip, Eddie, and Mark Saunders all did hand-drawn covers for the release show (photos of the show...eventually), too. Mine can be found here.
  • Other stuff.
    • The place is a mess again. I'm workin' on that. In fact, I'm washing clothes.
    • I've bought many albums this year, but not many of them have really kicked me in the ass, I must admit.
    • Let's just add Travis Millard to my "illustrators I envy" list right now, dammit.
    • Here's a cool-ass tour of Jeremy Fish's studio.
    • I'm anxious to see this. It's causing a tiny bit of debate. What else is new?
    • I'm a little disappointed in Katja Kassin, Katsuni, Isabel Ice and Savannah Stern for getting breast augmentation surgery. Hey, what can I do? That's totally up to them. I just really thought they were dope the way they were. I'm sure if I knew any of them personally, I'd voice my concerns, but begrudgingly support their decisions in the end...because that's what friends do. To a degree. As long as ladies like Dana De Armond, Rebeca Linares, Lexi Bardot and Sunny Lane stay natural, I'll be a happy man. All those names I mentioned? Search Google. I don't feel like linking images for all of them. Just don't do it at work. Heh.
  • Time to check on the clothes. Peace.