Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Thoughts: February 28th, 2012

King Edward
Whether you like it or not, Wendy's and the adjacent Tim Hortons location are you best options for lunch on
King Edward Street. Taken while employed at Farm Business Communications.

  • Mr. Uncertain: So, I'm un(der)employed again. I was at Farm Business Communications for most of the month, subbing for a gentleman on paternity leave, and he was set to return yesterday, making Friday my last day. I'm definitely thankful for my brief stay there, as it was educational, kept me financially stable, and I got to work with my old friends Steve and Jenelle.
    I'm kinda where I was last year. Not sure where I'm gonna go, or what I'm gonna do. I've been given the tools to move forward, but I'm feeling rather grounded. Trying to stay positive (and failing at it).

  • Pinky's Laundromat: I've gone off at length about how magnificent John Smith's second solo album is, and now, you can check it out for your own damn self via Bandcamp. Please do enjoy.

  • Container of Great: My pal Albertine dropped her video game art and culture 'zine – Heart Container – last week, and it's a great read. It made me think about my relationship with gaming, which seems both deep and distant at the same time. I'm beginning to think I should write my thoughts down regarding this. It also made me nostalgic, and I'm think I should cop one of these as soon as things are better.
    You really oughta pick up a copy, not only because it's good, but because the proceeds go to Child's Play.

  • A Possibly Unpopular Opinion: I'm listening to this Erick Sermon mixtape, and it reeks of you-kids-get-off-my-lawn syndrome. I've got nothing but love for E-Double, but when you start dissing skinny jeans and the use of "swag", I stop listening.

  • New Flickr Layout: The way you and I view Flickr is about to change, and I have to admit that I'm kinda stoked. I've been using it for almost seven years, and it's still a daily digital hangout spot after all this time. Unlike a lot of people that piss and moan about changes to their virtual clubhouses, I welcome it. I roll around in it like a pig in filth. Okay, not really, but I do roll with the punches. It's the Internet, people. You don't like one spot, go to another.

  • Two Years on Tumblr: Yeah, I can't believe it either. Here's how I marked the occasion.

  • These Dreams, man. A recent episode of Sound Opinions got me thinking about songs associated with first love. This definitely wasn't my first crush, but it's probably the first time I can put music and affection for someone together: late spring, 1985, at some roller rink – probably Wheelies. It was a Winnipeg school patrol outing. I was horrible at skating, and I remember taking a tumble on the carpet surrounding the rink that would've killed or paralyzed the 37-year-old me. As I held my head in agony like a kicker that missed a field goal, I saw HER. Giggling at me. Not in a mean way, but giggling. The HER in question was this petite blond from Wolseley School that caught my eye earlier in the day.
    I was all about making girls laugh, so I did my best to laugh along, even though the pain was kicking my ass. What was playing during this moment? "These Dreams", by Heart. I'm not gonna lie to you; I still feel a lilt in my stomach when I hear that song coming from a nearby radio, or in a supermarket.
    Hey...can we talk about the video for a second? All I really want to point out is that drummer Benny Carmassi utilized his fleeting moments of screen time to the fullest by being as hammy as possible. I love it! He shines at the 1:45 mark, also at 2:14 and 2:30. Classic.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Art Lesson From Stuart Immonen

Stuart's been in the game for a while, so he knows what he's talking about. Pay a visit to Maison Immonen.