Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Game Trailer

Yeah, I'll be needing this. The villains pay off in loonies and toonies!
The man behind the look and feel of the game is Paul Robertson. I mentioned him here a little while ago.

The Clifton Santiago Honeymoon Suite...

...aka my new workspace. It's taking shape slowly. Gotta hang some posters up in this motherfucker, and soon! Not before I unpack these boxes that are taking up a third of the room. Bleh.

Taking Shape

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Unformatted Random Thoughts: June 3rd, 2010

Just moved into the new house, currently setting up my studio. An outlet that only takes two prong plugs is fucking my plans up. I'll survive.
No Internet until Friday morning — this post was generated via iPhone. I must locate my modem.
The grass out back is thicker than Trump's wack-ass hairpiece.
On a wrestling note: I can't help but wonder who's going to win The Best Of The Super Juniors tournament. Tiger Mask IV is out of the running due to a neck injury, and who knows how long Prince Devitt's knee will hold out.
Another wrestling note: this new season of NXT sounds fucking terrible.
A musical note (HA!): Shad's new album is amazing. You should buy it and make your life better.