Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Some Quick Notes...

- The Fringe ruled!
- Props to my man DJ Brace for winning the DMC Canadian Championship on Sunday. It was an outstanding event. Additional props to Skratch Bastid for coming in 2nd and making me believe the hype. That dude is dangerous!
- I'm loving Sixtoo's Chewing On Glass and Other Miracle Cures. Great use of live imstrumentation. I just picked up The Tipping Point by the Roots, and I can't wait to dig into it. ?uestlove writes some ill liner notes.

EDIT: If you're interested, Sixtoo has a weblog of his own! http://www.signalnoise.com/sixjournal/

Friday, July 23, 2004

Okay, just one more...

Last night's performance of TJ Dawe's The Slip-knot was the perfect capper to my '04 Fringe experience. My girlfriend and I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with this here Dawe feller. Talk about justified! I'm telling you...believe the hype! As any Fringer worth his/her salt knows, The Slip-knot is one of the many plays that superthespian Dawe has a hand in, and the one that even God himself couldn't get a seat in during the 2002 Winnipeg Fringe. Thank (insert higher power here) for advance tickets. Once Sarah and I found out he was staging this show again, we jumped on it.

Two years ago, The Slip-knot was showcased in the somewhat cozy confines of the King's Head. This year, Dawe had the spacious PTE Mainstage to work his magic. Other than the slight lack of legroom, it was perfect. I sat there stunned as TJ blasted through his breathless three-tiered monologue, the parts of which we were able to keep track of thanks to the blue, red, and green lights in front of him. Each light represented a period of time. It kinda reminded me of Tom Waits' Big Time, where Tom wielded a lighted Shure mic. Wait...am I right about that? I haven't seen the film in a long time. Anyway...to me, this show was the absolute height of observational humour. I'll never look at Shoppers' Drug Mart the same way again, believe me.

So...like I said, this show was the perfect end to the Fringe for me this year. I knew I could try to cop a ticket for Dawe's Curse of the Trickster, but I think I'm Fringed-out. 12 shows...that's a pretty fair amount, I'd say.

God bless you, Mr. Dawe!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

One mo' review fo' dat ass

Petey Mack: De-clawed
I've had the pleasure of doing a small bit of improv with RobYn Slade, so I know just how good this lady is. It's been said over and over by reviewers, and I have to echo the same sentiment: the girl's comedic timing is incredible. I'm telling you right now, you will not be looking at your watch or the exit at any moment during her 45 minute show. Look for even bigger things from RobYn in the future...she's a freakin' star!

EDIT: RobYn, Ron Moore and Craig of CRUMBS have the best tattoos I've seen during the Fringe. Yup.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Been Fringin'

So yeah, I've been doing The Fringe Fest thang for the past week or so, which is why I've had like, nothing to say here. In lieu of my usual hang-ups n' bullshit, here are the reviews that I have posted at the CBC board:

This year, the Crumbs Improv Troupe became a trio with Devin McCracken leaving to do his own thing. I wondered how they would fare going their separate ways. After seeing McCraken's God's Country, I knew he'd be fine, but I couldn't help but wonder about the others. As a unit, each member brought something unique to the table. Steve held the general narrative together, Lee was good at playing women and kids, and Devin brought the chaos...you never knew where he was going! And of course, Craig set the mood for each scene. In the end, I didn't have to worry about how well the remaining Crumbs would work together. Over this past Saturday's performance, the Crumb dudes weaved a nutty narrative with four suggestions: sex, dinosaurs, midgets, and balloons. With sex being a rather popular suggestion at improv shows, they could've gone down a juvenile or predictable route, but didn't. All-in-all, I was left howling, like I always do at a Crumbs show. Props to Craig for sticking his neck out on a couple of occasions to add more to the story. A good time guaranteed!

Cake Town
Here's an example of persistance paying off. My girlfriend and I ran into Darcy Bruce several times during the Fringe while he was pimping his show or volunteering. We sorta took it as a sign, so we gave him a chance. Boy, were we glad we did! Cake Town is a series of monologues (five, to be exact) spoken through different characters with one common theme: paranoia. I was really impressed with Bruce's rather vaudvillian delivery and the energy he displayed, especially when you consider just excruciatingly hot Venue 15 is. If you're looking for a show to make your last Frequent Fringer Pass notch with, this is the one. It's like an after-dinner mint: tasty, and at 45-50 minutes long, not too filling.
Uh...that didn't sound as good as I wanted it to. Just go see it.

Year of the Panda
I loved this! This was one of those shows I picked on a whim, knowing only that Trish Cooper(formerly(?) of the Royal Lichtenstein troupe) was in it. What can I say? Ms. Cooper and Vanessa McRae(I apologize if I misspelled your name) had me holding my gut during the whole show show, and left me wanting more. Yup, it was that good. There was a little something for every type of (adult) humour palate: relationship jokes, lewd sex, and a touch of the scatalogical. The pacing was great...not one empty moment in this show at all. Kudos, ladies!

God's Country
I was not sure what to expect from this show by former CRUMBS guy Devin McCracken. What I did know was what he was capable of on stage...good laughs. Seeing him on stage without Lee and Steve was different, but different for the better. Those of us in attendance today at the premiere of God's Country were brought into the world of go-nowhere dude from the North End, somewhat troubled with his place in society, but even more troubled by the dreams he's been having lately about fellow North End inhabitants. In short, I liked it. A lot. McCraken's usually "out there" stage persona was perfectly channeled for this distressed character. I'd like to think of this show as a stage version of CBS' Early Edition. Except there's no newspaper. And there's a lot of drinking. And swearing. Yup.
Highly recommended.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

It's Fringe Time!

Well...starting tomorrow. But I can't wait!

Official Winnipeg Fringe SiteCBC's Fringe Site

The first show for Sarah and myself: Chris Gibbs From The Neck Up

Monday, July 12, 2004

Ahh, memories...

I just found info on the first porn film I ever saw thanks to the Internet Adult Film Database. This thing is pretty handy! For, uh, research.

What Kind of Girls Do You Think We Are?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Iconophile

Here's an amusing site that I found while doing research on Maria Schnider (infamous starlet of Last Tango in Paris). It lists many actresses, some of them well-known, some of them forgotten. If they did any nude scenes, this dude knows about it. He's got pics, but you ain't gonna get at 'em that easy, sucka! You gotta get one of them fancy-dan IDs to do so (The "Profane Pics" are the only ones you can get at without one). Sorry, Charlie.

Y'know...if I had the time, I'd probably do a site like this, too.

The Iconophile's Celebrity Pantheon

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

TLC Sketchbook!

Hey there! I have an entry in this month's Tastes Like Chicken Sketchbook! To see it, go to "current issue" and scroll down to the bottom for the sketchbook. This month's topic is "Ray".

"Raw is Jericho!"

In Winnipeg, you'd have to have been dwelling under a rock if you didn't know that the WWE was in town. It was in all the freakin' papers, dude. Hometown boy (and fellow RRC alum) Chris Jericho received both the Order of the Buffalo Hunt (an honour also bestowed upon the late Mother Teresa) and the Key to the City from new mayor Sam Katz (I voted for him!). I was not there, 'cuz I was broke, as usual. It would've been cool to see the second-last card at the "old barn" (tonight's SmackDown taping will be the last wrestling show in the Winnipeg Arena, the wrestling Mecca of the Prairies), but hey, whatareyagonnado? The fact that I missed the boat will give me the impetus to get tickets for the first WWE event at the soon-to-open MTS Centre, whenever the fuck that's gonna happen. I heard recently that the initials MTS in French are synonymous with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. That's quite an oversight on the part of the Manitoba Telecom System.

Anyway...I taped the show last night, and I decided to take a stab at the recap/commentary thing that folks like Scott Keith do. I can't promise that it'll be good.

- Shit, the Arena looks pretty good with the RAW gear inside of it! What gets me is that I cant see the familiar yellow walls. Did they repaint 'em? I dunno...I haven't had a reason to go there since the last card I was able to afford. I think that was about two years ago. Yellow walls used to tell me whether a show was being held at Winnipeg Arena or Boston Gardens. But I digress...

- Eugene is in charge in this installment and starts off the show with a game of musical chairs for a championship match. Your participants: Jericho (wearing a snazzy Jets shirt with the old school logo), Ric Flair, Stacy Keibler(nice ass for a lanky girl), Tyson Tomko, The Coach, Tajiri, and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Brilliant. Comedy ensues, and Jericho wins the game and a title shot against Randy Orton later in the show. The fans are fuckin' rabid! Damn, I wish was there.

Uh, okay. It seems that finding a proper partner is Rhyno's latest schtick. That's cool...it's something for him to do. The fans mercilessly diss Grenier's butchering of "O Canada", and rightfully so. I'm sure he's just being a good corporate citizen, but I gotta wonder what kind of convincing it took for Rob Conway to accept this faux-Quebecois gimmick. Maybe the fact he's no longer in developmental hell? Quite possibly. La Resistance have the coolest boots in the organization. Yup. Anyway, La Res beat Rhyno and "The Big Valbowski" with an "Au Revoir". Inoffensive little match.

- Raw Diva Search? Who gives a fuck? I don't.

- Oooh...Triple H is addressing the people. It's cool that he didn't quite bury Benoit in promoting their upcoming match at Vengeance. Will he get the belt back? All signs point to yes. *sigh*
Well, lookee here...Edge has somthin' to say. Dude's got the best teeth in wrestling. I hope he retires with all of them.

- An ad for Flair's book. It's out today in the States, July 23rd for us Canucks. I checked.

I no longer hate Batista, because he seems rather effective in tag matches. Somewhat entertaining, even. This match (made by Eugene) has "bad" written all over it though. Yup...I was right. Mercifully, the match was ended by DQ due to Matt Hardy's interference. I really, really, really can't wait for this Lita/Matt/Kane pregnancy storyline to die. Yecch.

The fans are totally eating this up, of course. I'm sure it's especially deafening on the floor. I wonder if the WWE will re-think its "Canadian babyface/American home" announcement policy. Probably not. I'm liking Orton more as the days go by. The dude really knows how to sell wear-down type holds and he throws a mean dropkick. This match was dope from beginning to end with Orton using the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Yeah, Jericho jobbed in his hometown, but not cleanly. Chris is still on top, baby. That reminds me, it was cool to see Jericho do the "c'mon, baby" pin attempt on Orton. I busted a gut on that.

- Next, Trip has a meeting with Eugene in his "office". Good stuff. I gotta wonder when we'll see the real Nick Dinsmore appear. This nouveau-George "The Animal" Steele thing is already wearin' kinda thin with me.

Oh God. The best thing about this is that Lita isn't in this to stink it up any further. I truly wish the Women's title actually meant something. For that to happen though, I'd have to enter an dimensional portal and live in a world where North America turns into Japan.
Did I mention that I think Molly is fine?
Uh...anyway, Nidia "wins". Stratus belts her with her "injured" hand and demands that the ref make a 3-count. Great, the Nidia/Stratus program I was dying to see!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that BENOIT FUCKIN' RULES!!!


Benoit was in this one for most of it, mainly to throw a little more heat on his match with Triple H this Sunday. We also saw an interesting dynamic in this match between Eugene and Benoit. Benoit showed compassion in this match, not wanting to put the hurt on ol' Euge, and Eugene had conflicting feelings about smacking Chris with a chair. It remains to be seen whether fans will continue to support Eugene through his ethical ups and downs or if Winnipeg will be known as the city that set him on the heel path. Who knows?

What I do know is that I couldn't do this kind of thing every week. Lemme show you how it's really done.