Tuesday, December 23, 2003


The Grades Are In!
Campaign Strategy - B+
Creative Imaging - C+
Design Management - B
Electronic PrePress - A
Graphic Design 2 - C+
History 3 - A
Publication Design - C
Rendering for Illustration - B+
Work Experience 1 - A

I'm feelin' pretty good here. All the stupid-ass late nights paid off! Thanks to those who think they deserve thanks for all the support n' shit. Gracias. Now I can truly enjoy the holiday season.


Let's start with the lowlights...
The Passing of Mandy Coyne: I barely spoke to her, but hardly a day goes by without her passing through my mind at some point. It just goes to show you how much of an impact someone can have on your life, even if they're in it for a short time. Rest in peace.

Pro Wrestler Deaths: Road Warrior Hawk, the Wall, Crash Holly, Curt Hennig, and just recently, Mike Lozanski. What do these guys have in common besides wrestling? They were all relatively young...and now they're dead. Something's really fuckin' wrong here.

Apparently, We Ain't Shit...: This was just one of my wee little problems, but it colored the way things went the past month or so at school. Me and my classmates were accused of forgetting about design basics and putting out shitty work. We were lectured up and down by a few of our instructors. And y'know what? For the most part, they were right. I'm not sure about the rest of the students, but I'm ready to tear some ass up next semester.

The Highlights!
achieving A's in Illustration and a Few Other Subjects: Who woulda thunk it? Not me.
Failing Only One Thing This Year: Believe me, I coulda failed more. Hurray for me!
Yy's Release Party @ The Blue Agave & John Smith's Video: Two really fun events. Yy's show(August 28th) was amazing, despite the technical difficulties. The vibe was beautiful in there, kinda like the days of Cloud 9. Good times.
Ditto for the "Kinship of the Down and Out" video shoot. Everybody it give it up for J. Lapeyre!
(hoots, claps, hollers, etc.)
I'm telling you now...Much had better play this bitch. And y'all better grab Pinky's Laundromat and Pip Skid's Funny Farm when they drop. Money well spent.

Okay, enough of that shit. Here are the TOP 5 ALBUMS I WISH I BOUGHT 2003!

Hey...I'm a student. I couldn't afford 10 albums this year.

1. Five Deez, Kinkynasti
2. Aesop Rock, Bazooka Tooth
3. Deadly Snakes, Ode to Joy
4. Dirtbombs, Dangerous Magical Noise
5. LifeSavas, Spirit In Stone

Well, Merry Christmas, y'all. I hope you get what you want. What do I want? Money for Boxing Day, of course!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Naked Mature Women II
Helen Mirren stars in Calendar Girls.


I wanted to pick up that calendar when it came out, but I'm thinking Mom would've had a problem with that.
Tiffany Bozic
Have I mentioned how talented she is? Maybe not. Find out for yourself, fool.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hey there...
Well, almost everything is done. That's good. I need a break.

I'd like to take this time to applaud the fact that more middle-aged actresses are "taking it off" in front of the camera lately. I'd like to see this trend continue.

Raquel Welch, I was looking right at you when I said that.

On another note...what's up with the groupies of today? Back in the day, groupies either wrote tell-all books or made plaster casts of penises. Now, they do things like this. What, my friends, is this world coming to?