Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Thoughts: April 19th, 2009

Datebook Update
Taken a month before the trip was a sure thing (Sarah's vacation time wasn't exactly guaranteed).

  • Greetings: How ya doin'? It's been too long. Yo...your ass looks terrific in that dress.

  • Japan: Yup, we're going. To say I'm reallyfuckingexcited doesn't even cover a tenth of what I'm feeling. Not only is this a lifetime destination sort of thing, but I'd also like to think of it as my first true grown-ass man vacation. The cross-border jaunts Sarah and I have made over the past few years were as natural as breathing; visiting the U.S. is like spending some time with a neighbour that has a cool-ass candy dish. This here is a life-changing excursion, complete with a real deal, limit-testing, major leg cramp, over-the-ocean flight. My glee, to say the absolute least, is off the charts. How would you chart something like that, anyway?

    Much like a kid trying to steal peeks at a Christmas present, I've been multiplying my anticipation by searching Flickr for photos of Japanese Sevs, Freshness Burger, and anything Mister Donut-related.

    I'd like to take this moment to shout out my man Steve St. Louis, his lovely wife Hiroe, and my homie Jason Lapayre for their help in making this happen. And of course, my beautiful wife for doing...well, everything. This couldn't have got off the ground without you, lady.

    I'm not lying to y'all: I fucking need this vacation. I'm spent mentally and creatively, and I'm confident that this will be a life-changing and invigorating experience, even though I'm trying not to put any emphasis on that.

  • Joel Plaskett: I was just thinking – does anyone hate this dude? I mean, I certainly don't, but I find that folks who might really dislike him aren't very vocal. Truthfully, I haven't looked for any Plaskett dissent, because life is too short, and I'd rather look at naked women. Plus, I think such a pursuit would be fruitless. I assume a typical list of Joel-hater gripes would go like this:

    1. The CBC (especially Radio 3) has been all up on his dick from day one.
    2. That's it.

    Rather pathetic, eh? And that's definitely not a knock on The Corp. I figure they just know a good thing when they see it. He's just a charming dude that combines pop hooks, folky moments, and "arena rock" (a carry-over from his Thrush Hermit days) into one accessible package. Maybe that's his actual crime: being so damn accessible. But really, what's wrong with appealing to a lot of people? But of course, Nickelback appeal to a lot of people, and...y'know, let's just not fucking go there.
    For the record, I really didn't have a point to any of this.

  • Google Street View: I love this. Why it took me so long to get into using it, I'll never know. Without it, I'd never be able to visualize which Sev is closest to our Tokyo hotel.
    Shut up.

  • Rebel. Gonna take this with me. Need to get a bag for it. I oughta take it out and use it, too.
It's bedtime. Gotta handle some freelance-y stuff in the morn. Peace.