Thursday, December 21, 2006

Skillz's 2006 Rap-up

Listen via Real Player or grab the MP3 from Spine Magazine.
I'm glad he does these, because most years are a blur to me nowadays.
On a related note, Pitchfork posted their Worst Album Covers of 2006. Personally, I dig Chuck Anderson's work on Lupe's album, but whatever. And, I'm surprised that I managed to see 5 of Pitchfork's Top 25 Vids since I cut my cable (by choice and necessity) in September.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spreading Myself Thin Online

It just occurred to me that I might have too many online community haunts. Here are the top 5:
  1. Surprise, surprise. Hell, this place is one of the reasons I get up in the morning. In my 5 plus years on this site, I've learned stuff that I couldn't learn in school, and I think I've become a better illustrator and designer because of it. This site gave me (and continues to give me) the impetus to do projects that keep me happy outside of work, so one day, I may actually get hired to do this fun shit.
  2. flickr: Over the past year and a half, I've transformed into this chronic shutterbug. Flickr has only fed this sickness. Sharing my pics with complete strangers and my contacts (who ain't strangers no more, especially the ones I've seen naked), especially when they deem something I shot worthy of a comment - or better yet, a "favorite" designation - gives me an unimaginable high. Someone oughta bottle that.
  3. Yeah, I know...shut up. I can't put my finger on what makes MySpace so addictive, but that bastard Tom obviously knew what he was doing. I mean, I didn't fuck with Friendster one bit, but along came this, and I got hooked. I started a profile because Johnny Crap said he was getting a number of jobs through this thing, so I gave it a go. Now I've got 702 "friends" and counting (some of them I've actually met! In person!). Admittedly, I consider myself a bit of a "collector". Among my "collection" are notable folks like emcees Mr. Lif and Blueprint, Roots leader ?uestlove, anal sex expert Tristan Taormino, Ashlie Atkinson (in her Maggie T. and Chunky Pam personae), cartoonsists Bob Fingerman and Peter Bagge, and porn director Eon McKai. Now if only it weren't so full of bugs.
  4. The Fat Forums: You know me, I like porn. And, I love fat girls. Well, whaddayaknow...a site where BBW models and their fans can shoot the shit?! I think I'll kick my shoes off n' stay a while.
  5. The Break Bread Board: I've been a fan of Peanuts & Corn Records and its roster practically from day one, and this is the place to find out what's going down. It's quieter compared to its ezboard days, but it remains essential nonetheless.
The rest, to a lesser extent: Illustration Mundo, Community, BBWRadio Forums, and The Drawing Board (which is a shame, since I've been there for over 4 years).

I should spend more time outside.

(EDIT: When I said "to a lesser extent", I meant that I'm not there as much as I should be. That wasn't a remark on the quality at all, y'nahmean?)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Xmas Rap!

Xmas Rap!
For a show next Sunday. If they get 50 people on such short notice, that'll be dope. Dope, and amazing.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Random Thoughts: December 3rd, 2006

Grant Park (vertical)
Disraeli Sunset
Keepin' Watch

Top: My favorite parking lot.
Middle: The Disraeli Bridge, which I've become quite familiar with.
Bottom: Mark Saunders' statue keeps watch over a wintery Portage Ave.

  • So, I've just put one week behind me at my new workplace. Everyone's been really cool so far, and I've been teamed up with a fine mentor, who's been showing me the rather complicated ropes. In a month or two, I should be working the evening shift I was hired for. Until then, it's all about waking up at 5 (occasionally 5:30) to get there for 7:30.
  • I'm SO stoked to be down with the first print version of I Want Your Skull. When Ryan (August, the creator of this skull-based art thang) has a full list of contributors, I'll post it here.
Image Hosted by
Photo courtesy of the good folks at Anti.
  • Yeah, I was amped for Lupe and The Roots' albums, but when I found out a couple of months ago that Tom Waits was dropping a 3 CD set, I nearly swallowed my tongue. Now that I have a new job and Christmas is comin', the possibility of getting those joints in my hands is far greater.
  • Speaking of albums...the new Clipse? HAWT! Normally, I hate on all that drug-dealing shit (no matter who's doin' it), but good music is good music. Admittedly, when "Grindin'" was hot, I was a very outspoken critic of that song. I thought the chorus was dumb as the dumbest thing imaginable, and it was about the drug hustle. But like most things The Neptunes have touched, it got under my skin. I remember hearing "Young Boy" at a Hunnicutt and Co-op jam, and from there, I was down to hear anything that the Neptunes put their name on. "Wamp Wamp" will get me on the floor. I don't give a fuck who's playing it.
  • Gotta get ready for bed. Peace, y'all.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lil' Rider

Lil' Rider.
Click the picture to access the larger version.

If I sent this in on time, it'll be in the print version of I Want Your Skull.
Admittedly, I waited until the last minute to do this, but I like the spontaneity of it. The genesis of this lil' thing was a sketch I did in preparation for Fecal Face's Sketchbook Monday (aka SBM, an homage to Illustration Friday). The topic was "Rider".