Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Thoughts: January 11th, 2008...Birthday Train of Thought

Sarah n' Me, June 10th, 2006. Meeting this lady just a little over 10 years ago changed my life for the better.
  • More of the same!: It's 2008, and I already feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Old habits die hard. Don't get me wrong...I'm changing shit up, but they're incremental changes. Y'know, like less caffeine intake (via Pepsi®) at work, thinking twice before stuffing my face with junk. I am, however, already beginning to backslide. Wednesday, I finished off a Coke® 2 litre, then got a bottle of Coke® with my King Pie sausage roll. Speaking of King Pie, I gotta wonder how much longer those folks will be around at Portage Place (the very first Canuck franchise) . It was pretty dead when I went there. Time will tell. Yesterday, after messing with 4 pieces from Chester Fried because I missed breakfast (naughty), I decided to take advantage of a coupon for an A & W Chicken Grill and a salad for 6 bucks. That's me doin' healthy. Not bad, I guess...Sarah approved. I'm tentatively scheduled to annihilate a Clubhouse pizza on Sunday at Boston Pizza, courtesy of my man St. Louis.
  • Destination Unknown: In making yet another futile attempt to clean the apartment, I located my Sexsmith & Kerr Destination Unknown album. I forgot just how fucking good this is. For 40 minutes, I forget that life is a pile of dung. I placed the song "Listen" on a mix for Sarah, and she said "Y'know, you oughta pay close attention to that one line in the song..." I was kinda expecting that. The line goes like this:
    When I listen to that inner voice/it's telling me I have a choice/To condemn life or rejoice/I think I'll choose rejoicing...
    I'm beginning to think that I'm hard-wired to be grumpy and sardonic, whilst having a few flashes of positivity.
  • Nuptials! (1): Huge internet-based props to my friends Kerry Ryan and Jeope Wolfe for tying the knot on December 31st. They had a nice, low-key affair, followed by a reception for all their family in friends in their house. Man, so many delectable treats at this fine event. My hat's off to you guys! Many thanks for inviting us.
  • Nuptials! (2): The countdown is on for our ceremony. Holy fuck. My responsibilities are as follows:
    • 10 table makers
    • invites
    • table tent cards
    • mix cd and artwork
    • buttons
    • table setting poster
    • programs
    Whew! Oh yeah...I also have to show up. I can do this.
  • In our next installment...: My middle-of-the-month-so-no-one-will-care top 10 of 2007 list!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dream Recollection 3: January 10th, 2008

About an hour ago, I had a rather weird, but beautiful dream that involved the Arcade Fire.

Wow...that sentence just weirded me out.

Anyway, it took place on Mulvey School's field (Mulvey is my elementary alma mater), and it was full of pleasant, fresh-faced kids in school uniforms tossing around a mystical Frisbee®, which actually looked like a discarded hub cap. At one point, the Frisbee®/hub cap turned into a dove, which was then released. Suddenly, many doves followed, along with trails of ethereal light. This whole event was covered in nothing but swooping crane shots. I couldn't help but notice that the the field's grass was incredibly lush, plus there was a large, winding, knotted tree at the middle rear of the field. I thought to myself, where the fuck did that come from? Mulvey hasn't had a tree in over 20 years. At any rate, Arcade Fire's "Keep the Car Running" was in the background, so I guess it was like a video or something. They just happened to be playing on the radio that was attempting to wake me up. I'm not a fan, really. They get amazing posters made for them, though.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dream Recollection 2: January 4th, 2008

I just dreamed that I had to visit a building in Osborne Village that was dedicated to the Klan in 1913.
As far as I know, this building doesn't have such a history, let alone a balcony with 3 "K"s
in it. Well, yeah, I'm definitely sure of that part. Dreams are weird.
Is this a premonition that I'm gonna run into some assholes today?