Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Thoughts: January 11th, 2008...Birthday Train of Thought

Sarah n' Me, June 10th, 2006. Meeting this lady just a little over 10 years ago changed my life for the better.
  • More of the same!: It's 2008, and I already feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Old habits die hard. Don't get me wrong...I'm changing shit up, but they're incremental changes. Y'know, like less caffeine intake (via Pepsi®) at work, thinking twice before stuffing my face with junk. I am, however, already beginning to backslide. Wednesday, I finished off a Coke® 2 litre, then got a bottle of Coke® with my King Pie sausage roll. Speaking of King Pie, I gotta wonder how much longer those folks will be around at Portage Place (the very first Canuck franchise) . It was pretty dead when I went there. Time will tell. Yesterday, after messing with 4 pieces from Chester Fried because I missed breakfast (naughty), I decided to take advantage of a coupon for an A & W Chicken Grill and a salad for 6 bucks. That's me doin' healthy. Not bad, I guess...Sarah approved. I'm tentatively scheduled to annihilate a Clubhouse pizza on Sunday at Boston Pizza, courtesy of my man St. Louis.
  • Destination Unknown: In making yet another futile attempt to clean the apartment, I located my Sexsmith & Kerr Destination Unknown album. I forgot just how fucking good this is. For 40 minutes, I forget that life is a pile of dung. I placed the song "Listen" on a mix for Sarah, and she said "Y'know, you oughta pay close attention to that one line in the song..." I was kinda expecting that. The line goes like this:
    When I listen to that inner voice/it's telling me I have a choice/To condemn life or rejoice/I think I'll choose rejoicing...
    I'm beginning to think that I'm hard-wired to be grumpy and sardonic, whilst having a few flashes of positivity.
  • Nuptials! (1): Huge internet-based props to my friends Kerry Ryan and Jeope Wolfe for tying the knot on December 31st. They had a nice, low-key affair, followed by a reception for all their family in friends in their house. Man, so many delectable treats at this fine event. My hat's off to you guys! Many thanks for inviting us.
  • Nuptials! (2): The countdown is on for our ceremony. Holy fuck. My responsibilities are as follows:
    • 10 table makers
    • invites
    • table tent cards
    • mix cd and artwork
    • buttons
    • table setting poster
    • programs
    Whew! Oh yeah...I also have to show up. I can do this.
  • In our next installment...: My middle-of-the-month-so-no-one-will-care top 10 of 2007 list!


pati @-;-- said...

Hi Allan,

The SFG! Blank Book is on its way to your place. It will be there tomorrow :)

Have fun!


Allan L. said...

Awesome! Thank you! Now, I gotta figure out what to put in it.

Jeope said...

Thanks for the shout-out-out. The wedding evening went so fast; I only wish I had more time to talk with everybody.

Yer next, pal!

Allan L. said...

Yes indeed!

Luke in Progress said...

"They had a nice, low-key affair..."
I laughed.
I certainly took that as the wrong type of 'affair'.
I'm also certain that the only reason I can sleep at night is because I got all my work and tunes off the dead-top(laptop) in time.
Hard work for a wedding certainly seems fitting.
and just keep plugging away at those goals.
The mighty autobot race wasn't constructed in a single day :p