Monday, May 07, 2007

Random Thoughts: May 7th, 2007

NOT creatively stimulating.
Clean-ass desk
The New Desk.
New desk, new hope.

  • I've got some logo projects to take care of, and then I can use my new drawing desk with a clear conscience. Hey, maybe if I don't vegetate in front of the computer when I get home at night, I'd have that shit done already! Genius!
  • I'm up rather early. Since I started doing the evening shift, I've been sleeping until 1, and staying up until 4:30, sometimes 6. Yes, I know that's no way to live.
  • Finally saw Geoff Berner on Saturday at the West End, after having been a fan for several years (a combination of devotion to school and financial difficulty kept me from seeing this man live). It was a bummer that they didn't have his first album for sale, so I picked up Whiskey Rabbi, which is a hoot. And Kris Demeanor, who opened for him, was a pleasant surprise. What a performer! And many thanks to Jenny for hangin' out with me.
  • Did you check out Free Comic Book Day? I did.
  • Got a really good tax return. I'm savoring the good feeling.
  • So yeah, Facebook has consumed me. I shoulda known. Fuck.
  • Just heard that CBC is doing Wagner's Ring Cycle in one day on Victoria Day. When I voluntarily stopped watching and paying for TV last year, Toronto and the CBC was all abuzz about this, and I tuned in for a good chunk of it, including the stuff surrounding the four days it ran (especially the remix contest).
  • It's time for breakfast. Peace.