Saturday, June 25, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Heroes"

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All In a Day's Work, Ma'am, 2005 • graphite and Photoshop®

I had this here thingee in my mind whilst pushing a mop at my health care job. I was never a huge follower of either the DC® or Marvel® universes (with the odd exception), but I thought about what Cyclops would be like on his day off. Actually, it wasn't that was more like, dude has glasses on...then he doesn't...then he does. Lasers appear in the middle.
There ya go. It's interesting how a shitty job makes your mind wander.

This may actually become a painting. In fact, I came up with a few other painting ideas at work, which is good, because I'm supposed to be part of an art show next month, and I'm behind. Taking advantage of this gust of creativity, I bought myself two large canvases and 6 cans of Montana spray paint (they make me feel like a badass).

I'm hungry...see ya later.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Tanxxx rocks it!

My sister Tanxxx already has her Illustration Friday piece done...and it rules!

If I had my shit together...

...back in the day, this would've been my store:

A few years ago when started, I had a store that had some big girl-based stuff. Didn't sell anything. In retrospect, my designs were ass; I actually know what I'm doing now. The thing is, the best of my shirt designs was a Major League Baseball-type thingee with a voluptuous figure instead of a batter. Imagine my surprise when I saw an identical design on one of their t-shirts!

Now, I could be bitter, but I'm not. I'd like to chalk it up to great minds thinking alike.

I'm gonna have to order one.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Black and White"

I don't hate this as much as I originally did.

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Al Boone, 2005 • graphite, Staedtler pigment liner, and Pentel brush pen

So, my approach to this week's IF was to play the race card. Yo...don't get yer knickers in a knot. It's all in fun. Basically, it's me - sans facial hair - on the body of Pat Boone, the whitest guy I could think of.

When thinking of Mr. Boone, (and that's rare, folks) the first thing that comes to mind is seeing footage of him on a variety show back in the day, covering Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti". Dude made that song totally digestable and non-threatening. Very square. The second thing that comes to mind is that metal album he dropped on Hip-O a few years ago. Hilarious.

So yeah...there you go.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Poster Class 13: Wank Fantasy

I like this, except for the crap I did around Melia's hair with the eraser tool.

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For class progress, check this here:

EDIT: And now, the fallout.

EDIT 2: The thread is now gone.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bobby Dixon Is One Bad Motherfucker!

Dammit, this dude rules!
He just hooked me up with 2 Kollective Fusion hats and a grip o' posters! something from this dude. Check the Classifieds and get freshly dipped, beeyotch!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Summer"

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The Ladies Be Dressin' Less (diptych), 2005 • graphite and Photoshop®

So yeah...this is what I think about when summer comes around. Actually, I think about these body parts year round, but especially during summer. I'm a winter guy, really. But when it comes to summer, I look forward to only two things: the Fringe and the shedding of layers from the frames of the fairer sex. Word.
And make no mistake, Winnipeg's got some fine ladies. Fine thick ladies.
I know what you're thinking (besides "this guy's a pig!")...what about spring? Isn't that when the hormones really kick it into overdrive n' stuff?
Sure, but this is Winnipeg. Winter doesn't leave quietly, so it takes some time for the layers of clothing to exit. Patience is a virtue.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Electrofork in the house!

I just noticed that the super-talented Elizabeth Daggar (aka Electrofork) has a weblog of her own:
untidy revelations
I also recommend checking out her revamped website.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The infamous Muta bladejob?

WARNING: If the sight of blood makes you queasy, this post ain't for you, 'k?

Thanks to LimeWire, I was able to download some cool Great Muta matches, including a rather entertaing bout with Hogan from '93. My question, however, is December 14th, 1992 the date of the Muta vs. Hase match where Muta resembled a fountain of blood? Because I just saw that match, and if there's one that's actually BLOODIER, I'm not sure if I really wanna see it. This was particularly nasty.

Photographic proof resides here. Damn.

I was gonna post it right on the site, but I thought better of it.
Oh yeah...the match was actually pretty dope, all things considered.

EDIT: I have it on good authority (from Zac of Wrestleline) that this in fact the notorious match. It's quite a sight.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A much-needed laugh...

...courtesy of Luke Drozd:
Yeah Donald Byrd is an under-rated genius in my book. But my book has seldom been read and those that did gave it a terrible review...

Check out his posters here, and his label right here.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

And now, we wait (1.5)...

Apparently, my computer has arrived. "I'm as happy as a little gurrrl."


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If Zirus (the dude I did this for) digs this, it'll be all over Winnipeg before long.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Envy"

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What's Causin' All This, 2005 • Staedtler Pigment Liner, graphite, Photoshop®, assorted stolen images

The idea behind this one? People that make me wanna forget about using a pencil ever again. Represented in this group (behind the caricature of moi) are Rockin' Jelly Bean, Jay Ryan, James Jean, Dave Crosland, and Coop. Had I thought of it, I would've put Guy Burwell up in there, too. I'm managing the envy thing a little better now. Instead of giving up, I use that negative energy to try and get better graphically.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Props From A Fine-ass Lady

This, like, totally made my day...
hey there - i just wanted you to know that i saw your portfolio for the first time today and i think it's absolutely fantastic. im a huge fan of modern art and i love the variety and sentiment in your work. just wanted to give you my kudos!


Who is this super-delicious Carrie person? Find out all about her here. Isn't she awesome?