Thursday, June 02, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Envy"

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What's Causin' All This, 2005 • Staedtler Pigment Liner, graphite, Photoshop®, assorted stolen images

The idea behind this one? People that make me wanna forget about using a pencil ever again. Represented in this group (behind the caricature of moi) are Rockin' Jelly Bean, Jay Ryan, James Jean, Dave Crosland, and Coop. Had I thought of it, I would've put Guy Burwell up in there, too. I'm managing the envy thing a little better now. Instead of giving up, I use that negative energy to try and get better graphically.


Rebeccashane said...

Hey I like the concept of this one.. there are so many artist that we are envious of.. the best things about artist, we take from them what we like.. and make our own work better.. :o) Great Illo

Jeope said...

Which one is Crosland's? Is it the Spider-Man?

Noice. How did the interview turn out?

Allan L. said...

Thanks, guys.
Yup, that Spidey is Crosland's.
The interview went pretty good, I thought. Should find out today if I got the job.