Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Friday, February 21, 2003

(Live from the RRC Mac Lab) It's been a shitty week, to say the least. Tomorrow we get to say goodbye to Mandy. It's gonna be rough. We're slowly healing over here by concentrating on the memories we have. It feels good.

Let's brighten the mood just a touch:
I dig the work of Lisa Yuskavage. Her paintings are both beautiful and disturbing. I've got to get her book. Look here for an example of her work.

Glenn Barr's site is finally up!

Thanks to that damn Saturn commercial, I've been wanting to get my hands on the Walkmen's debut album. Someday, someday.

And lastly, my wonderful lady got me this for Valentine's Day. It's cool, and so is she.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

(From home/Feb, 18th, 2003/1:14 AM)
One of my classmates died in her sleep last night.
We weren't very close...we'd exchange hellos and whatnot, but not much else. Despite that, I'm missing her a whole lot right now. The girl had attitude to burn. She was loud. My friend Marsha said it best: "Even if you didn't know her, you knew of her."
True indeed. I try not to question God too much, but why was it in his plan to take beaming, energetic 19-year-old from her family? I don't understand. I guess that's why I'm mortal. As strange as it sounds, even though we weren't tight, I've never lost someone so close to me. When my man Robert told me the news, all I could do was look at her desk in disbelief.
I was kinda worried when I didn't see her in Graphic Design class this morning. That ain't good, I thought. Turns out, I didn't know the half. I'm not looking forward to seeing the sad faces of my classmates on Wednesday.
I really understand why folks drink. I'm taking a long walk.

R.I.P Mandy Coyne

Monday, February 17, 2003

(Recorded LIVE from home via SimpleText/Feb 15th, 2003) I met "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit(aka The Best Fuckin' Wrestler on the Planet, fka The Canadian Crippler), along with a ton of other Benoit marks at Cityplace(Winnipeg's saddest mall...really no need to be there, really)today. I couldn't afford to go to tonight's card, so meeting him FOR FREE was one dope replacement. I original brought a copy of Pure Dynamite(the Dynamite Kid was his idol, and the man he patterned his intense style after)for him to sign, but I thought that might weird him out, so I stole one the many "appearing today" signs that were attached to the mall doors. It took about three-and-a-half, but it was worth the wait. I asked him about returning to Japan someday(he said he'd love to end his career there...sounds dope to me!), and mentioned his match against The Great Sasuke in 1994's J-Cup tournament(I had said '95, but he didn't mind). He asked if I was a hardcore fan of his, and I said that I had been watching him since his Stampede days. Then I mentioned that he's had the best haircut of his career. He laughed(thank God!).

You know you've got a keeper of a girlfriend when she'll wait around with you for what seems eons, just so you can meet your fave wrestler, enduring her own personal distaste for pro wrestling(not to mention the questionable fashion sense and personal hygeine of its fans)and nagging knee pain. I love you, baby.

Dammit! Dave Crosland is just too fuckin' good! Not only is he mind-blowingly good, but he's a nice guy to boot(he gave me some good advice a while back). Check his portfolio site here*. See some more of his work(including many downloadable treats)at Tastes Like Chicken.

*"Debbie" is a pen name of his. Don't ask.

Friday, February 14, 2003

(Live from RRC's Princess/William Campus Library) One of my favorite illustrators, Salgood Sam, is working on the new T3 comic! Read all about it here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

(Recorded LIVE from home via SimpleText/Feb 11th, 2003) Have you ever had some random motherfucker sit beside you at a fast food place? Just happened to me at McDick's.
Just some cat with a toque(uh...woolen hat to my American friends), and a dirty winter coat. He approached a table with his tray and caught me spyin' him out of the corner of my eye. So naturally, he came over to my table to sit(rolls eyes). I guess he was just happy to see another black face around.

Let me explain that last bit...when I was growing up in Winnipeg, there weren't a whole lot of black folks around. When my Mom came here in '68, there were even less. From my Mom, I learned about giving knowing nods to people I even felt were remotely familiar. It was like some unwritten code or something that said, "Whussup? I think I know you, but if don't, 'Hi' anyway!"
Aside from school, I could go for miles without seeing another black person. And when you think of it, there weren't many black kids in school, either. I didn't see black folks until I visited the suburbs(The Maples), or went to church(and most of those folks were from the suburbs). Sistas in church wanted nothing to do with me. Probably because I dressed funny.

But I digress...back to the dude at McDick's. I didn't protest his decision to sit across from me, but I wasn't too thrilled all the same. I tried not to let on, 'cuz I didn't know this dude from Adam. Wasn't sure what he was capable of, really. So we sat in silence: him, looking out the window and eating; me, eating my Big Xtra(Big n' Tasty to the Yanks)value meal, looking somewhat terrified. Eventually he asked me if I might be able to spare bus fare. I lied and said I spent all my cash on what was in fromt of me. He seemed cool with that. Finishing my food, I politely got up, put on my neoprene mask and other winter shit, and bid him adieu.
Sorry there's no big payoff to that, but that's what happened.

Other stuff:
-What's up with Minneapolis and school closings? I expect such a place to be a little more hearty than this when a little snow comes their way, since they're relatively close to Winnipeg(8 hours away). Ah, I still dig that city anyway...they get dope shows. Someday, I will go to a show at First Avenue/7th Street Entry. Uh, God willing of course. Whew! That often puts my ego in check.

-Me, my Mom, and my wonderful girlfriend are going to Earl's on Main to celebrate my Mom's 59th birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!
Mmmm...seafood club, here I come(bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, guacamole, shrimp and crab...good Lord.)!

-My fellow Canucks can look in the Letters section of this month's Exclaim! and find my praise for them. If you read it, and find it kinda slack-jawed, it was because I was tired. Really.

-Two of my favorite "fat chicks"(said with the utmost of respect and awe of their beauty)hit milestones recently. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but Cat of Cat's House of Fun got married in January. Her man's a lucky guy! Ann-Marie hit 500,000 posts at her site! Waytagogirl!
Her "Picture of the Week" section titilates me in ways you couldn't understand.

I think I've said too much.

-R.I.P. Curt Hennig. I still can't believe it.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Thursday, February 06, 2003

(Live from RRC William/Princess Campus Library)The Itten Color Wheel is cool. It's not so cool when you have to render the whole thing in gouache. That sucks.
And it's due tomorrow morning.