Monday, February 17, 2003

(Recorded LIVE from home via SimpleText/Feb 15th, 2003) I met "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit(aka The Best Fuckin' Wrestler on the Planet, fka The Canadian Crippler), along with a ton of other Benoit marks at Cityplace(Winnipeg's saddest mall...really no need to be there, really)today. I couldn't afford to go to tonight's card, so meeting him FOR FREE was one dope replacement. I original brought a copy of Pure Dynamite(the Dynamite Kid was his idol, and the man he patterned his intense style after)for him to sign, but I thought that might weird him out, so I stole one the many "appearing today" signs that were attached to the mall doors. It took about three-and-a-half, but it was worth the wait. I asked him about returning to Japan someday(he said he'd love to end his career there...sounds dope to me!), and mentioned his match against The Great Sasuke in 1994's J-Cup tournament(I had said '95, but he didn't mind). He asked if I was a hardcore fan of his, and I said that I had been watching him since his Stampede days. Then I mentioned that he's had the best haircut of his career. He laughed(thank God!).

You know you've got a keeper of a girlfriend when she'll wait around with you for what seems eons, just so you can meet your fave wrestler, enduring her own personal distaste for pro wrestling(not to mention the questionable fashion sense and personal hygeine of its fans)and nagging knee pain. I love you, baby.

Dammit! Dave Crosland is just too fuckin' good! Not only is he mind-blowingly good, but he's a nice guy to boot(he gave me some good advice a while back). Check his portfolio site here*. See some more of his work(including many downloadable treats)at Tastes Like Chicken.

*"Debbie" is a pen name of his. Don't ask.

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