Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rock The Bells in MPLS.

Last weekend, my man Mark and I went to Minneapolis to partake in the Rock The Bells show.
Crappy analog photos will be posted at Flickr at some point before God decides to smite us all.

  • Sets by Wu-Tang, Talib Kweli, Pharaohe Monch, and Immortal Technique. A healthy amount of ass was kicked right there.
  • Supernatural's Hosting Abilities. Some might find his schtick corny, but I felt the dude was crazy fun. He really had the crowd with his "3 emcees" routine.
  • Running Into Peg City Residents. Nothing feels better than that.
  • Myth, The Club. Spacious, nice decor, business-like (but not asshole-like) security staff. Thumbs up.
  • Cute Midwestern Girls. Plenty of them. And on the thick side. Made me feel right at home.
  • A Generally Positive Vibe. No real knuckleheads. Mostly polite folks.
  • Nas' Diamond Crucifix. With matching bracelet and ring! Blinding!
  • Some Jackass In The Floor Level V.I.P. Lame-ass Wu-Tang chants galore. Fucker.
  • Hour-long Delay Between Nas and Wu-Tang. Made all the more excruciating by the previously-mentioned cock puppet. Grrrr.
  • Smoking, Trough-style Urinals, And A Ban On Digital Cameras. All can be found at Myth. Luckily, I forgot my camera at home! I'm such a fuckin' bonehead.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks' Set. Vinny Paz = minute stage presence for such a huge dude.
  • No MF Doom. Disappointing, but Kweli's set made up for it. No Slum Village, either.
Outside of the show: Highlights: Shopping at the Walker Art Center, Electric Fetus, and Robot Love, plus eating at Grumpy's and Culver's. Lowlights: Getting lost on the way to Grumpy's AND on the way home (don't miss Exit 380, kids! I'm a shitty navigator.).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pip Skid "Tire Fire" T-Shirt

Image Hosted by

Yo, this was fun to do. Homie should have a bunch with him for his Halifax show in a little bit. Yup.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Illustration Friday: Missing

It's been too got-damn long. F'real.

Illustration Friday: Missing

Yo, Something's Wrong Here, 2007 • graphite, assorted markers, photocopier and Photoshop®

No high-falutin' concept behind this, really.
Original inspiration: a sketch I photocopied and taped up in my cubicle.
The title: the first line spoken in De La Soul's "Potholes In My Lawn".
Why use a photocopier?: an Illustration Friday idea I have yet to post (and complete, for that matter) was on the sketchbook page previous to the one where this resides. Didn't feel like having marker ink bleed through it. Photocopied it, finished it later. Yup.
First IF participation in a year. I'm hoping to make it a habit again.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The SFG Blank Book Project

I'm happy to be a part of this here sketchbook project:
Hopefully, it won't end up dead in the water like this one (no offense to the folks involved in that).