Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The infamous Muta bladejob?

WARNING: If the sight of blood makes you queasy, this post ain't for you, 'k?

Thanks to LimeWire, I was able to download some cool Great Muta matches, including a rather entertaing bout with Hogan from '93. My question, however, is December 14th, 1992 the date of the Muta vs. Hase match where Muta resembled a fountain of blood? Because I just saw that match, and if there's one that's actually BLOODIER, I'm not sure if I really wanna see it. This was particularly nasty.

Photographic proof resides here. Damn.

I was gonna post it right on the site, but I thought better of it.
Oh yeah...the match was actually pretty dope, all things considered.

EDIT: I have it on good authority (from Zac of Wrestleline) that this in fact the notorious match. It's quite a sight.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'd have that at the worst (or best?) bladejob ever.

The first question would be: Do we count Mass Transit?

As unfashionable as my choice may be given the blood-soaked legacies of FMW, W*ING and various other indies, I think the most concerned I've ever been watching a match was Eddy Guerrero v. Bradshaw at WWE's Judgment Day. I truly expected Eddy to pass out during the match. If I remember correctly he was taken to the hospital immediately afterwards. That was just an insane amount of blood. I can't remember anything worse although the fact so many of the "legendary" bloody matches are on such crappy quality video, whereas this was WWE production, perhaps made it seem all the more vivid.

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Allan L. said...

I forgot about Mass Transit! Actually, I was just reading up on that match. I have yet to see it.
And yeah, I heard about Eddy's (aka "Eddie") Judgement Day gusher.
I was just totally astonished at how this Muta one came to be. I'll have to watch the match again, but I think a "spiked" object ala the Tully Blanchard/Magnum T.A. "I Quit" match was involved.
Both facinating and repulsive at the same time.