Saturday, June 25, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Heroes"

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All In a Day's Work, Ma'am, 2005 • graphite and Photoshop®

I had this here thingee in my mind whilst pushing a mop at my health care job. I was never a huge follower of either the DC® or Marvel® universes (with the odd exception), but I thought about what Cyclops would be like on his day off. Actually, it wasn't that was more like, dude has glasses on...then he doesn't...then he does. Lasers appear in the middle.
There ya go. It's interesting how a shitty job makes your mind wander.

This may actually become a painting. In fact, I came up with a few other painting ideas at work, which is good, because I'm supposed to be part of an art show next month, and I'm behind. Taking advantage of this gust of creativity, I bought myself two large canvases and 6 cans of Montana spray paint (they make me feel like a badass).

I'm hungry...see ya later.


Rebeccashane said...

hahahaha .. slightly bi-polar super powers ahahhahaha. Nice Illo!

Jeope said...

Painting? Wow. Brave man. Paints of any kind are my kryptonite...speaking of "heroes".

Bana Palomitaz said...

Behehe, great illo!! i like it so much! ^^ u make me laugh a lot =)

Anonymous said...

i like this illo, neat job