Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dream Recollection 3: January 10th, 2008

About an hour ago, I had a rather weird, but beautiful dream that involved the Arcade Fire.

Wow...that sentence just weirded me out.

Anyway, it took place on Mulvey School's field (Mulvey is my elementary alma mater), and it was full of pleasant, fresh-faced kids in school uniforms tossing around a mystical Frisbee®, which actually looked like a discarded hub cap. At one point, the Frisbee®/hub cap turned into a dove, which was then released. Suddenly, many doves followed, along with trails of ethereal light. This whole event was covered in nothing but swooping crane shots. I couldn't help but notice that the the field's grass was incredibly lush, plus there was a large, winding, knotted tree at the middle rear of the field. I thought to myself, where the fuck did that come from? Mulvey hasn't had a tree in over 20 years. At any rate, Arcade Fire's "Keep the Car Running" was in the background, so I guess it was like a video or something. They just happened to be playing on the radio that was attempting to wake me up. I'm not a fan, really. They get amazing posters made for them, though.

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