Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Some Quick Notes...

- The Fringe ruled!
- Props to my man DJ Brace for winning the DMC Canadian Championship on Sunday. It was an outstanding event. Additional props to Skratch Bastid for coming in 2nd and making me believe the hype. That dude is dangerous!
- I'm loving Sixtoo's Chewing On Glass and Other Miracle Cures. Great use of live imstrumentation. I just picked up The Tipping Point by the Roots, and I can't wait to dig into it. ?uestlove writes some ill liner notes.

EDIT: If you're interested, Sixtoo has a weblog of his own! http://www.signalnoise.com/sixjournal/


Anonymous said...

oh al,
thank god you found chewing on glass - since in chicago when i played duration for you i was hoping you would see his talent.
chewing on glass is unbelievably good. -can't wait to see him at the pyramid in a month - hope to see you there


Allan L. said...

Shit! I didn't know he was coming! I'll have to check that for sure. Peace, Kyle.

Allan L. said...

Heh...I just went to his blog and saw the date. I can't wait!