Thursday, March 11, 2004 a whole lotta stuff fo' ya.
- First and foremost, R.I.P. Hercules Hernandez.

- I hate to follow that up with this, but have you heard about what went down with Rob Feinstein, former owner of RF Video and the Ring of Honor promotion? He got busted in a televised sting operation that was cracking down on folks using the net to hook up with underage kids! You can find out what happened at the pop-ups.

- The past weekend was mad hectic. First my class had to participate in the 2nd Annual Forks Market Art Festival and Auction (you can see the poster I made but didn't get used here. ). It was for a couple of good causes, though: US and Winnipeg Harvest. While I had a lot of fun, I learned a valuable lesson from it. You can read about that here.

- My man Len's art show was a big success as was my other man Kev's Another Bad Creation at the Bull and Bear Pub. It was a rather unusual place to hold a rap show, but this was no ordinary event, either. Because not only was my other OTHER man Don Ritson doing some live painting, but Satchel Paige, John Smith, and surprise guest Pip Skid were on stage to support a relative unknown. It's not like Kev hadn't been on stage before, it had just been a long time between appearances, and the forementioned gentlemen are local heavyweights. At any rate, the night was pretty special. I think everyone went home pretty happy, including me...I got on stage for one song.
See, now I know you're wishing y'all had been there. Here's the next best thing: some photos!
Props to Hector Giron for puttin' down some mean licks during the set.

- One last thing...the new Pip Skid album is killer! Get it here. You know you wanna.

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