Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Some Good News, For Once.

Well, that poster that was killing my ass is done:
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I just got it back from the printer (peace to the folks at Mondrian). I love it.

In other news, AnnMarie' Big Cuties site is up, and it looks hot: http://am.bigcuties.com
Man, I wish I had cash to throw her way. Delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I neglected to mention that uber-hottie Katja Kassin is a major player in the film Art School Sluts. I certainly didn't know they made German girls with asses like hers. I'm a believer now!


TRoyal said...

"I'm the new phenomenon, like white women with ass.."

Allan L. said...

Heh...I never heard that line from him before. That's cool.
I always think about Ice Cube's line, "white women have no butt/And no chest...", or something to that effect, from "Horny Li'l Devil" and "Cave Bitch". He's obviously never been to Winnipeg.