Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Rant / Something I've Learned

I fuckin' hate cell phones!
You already knew that, I'm sure, but they're the reason why I'm still stuck at school.
Some Sean Paul-lookin' motherfucker was on the school's free phone trying to get his stupid-ass cell working. For 20 fuckin' minutes. There's a 3 minute limit, fucko!
I had no change, for the record.

Something I've Learned
If switch the "safesearch" off on Google®, chances are you'll find nude photos of your favorite female stars when you do an image search. It's fun...try it!!

See, this is why I have this weblog: to share.


Anonymous said...
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Allan L. said...

Spamming my fuckin' weblog is not a good fuckin' idea.