Monday, December 06, 2004

The Best Places To Sleep At RRC's Princess Campus

You've been up all night cramming/finishing an assignment/doin' nothin'. You are very, very tired. But where do you sleep? I'll tell ya:
  1. The Fifth Floor Futon: Provided there are no laptop-havin' motherfuckers in that room, you've got a one way ticket to Dreamland/IShouldBeWorkingOnSomethingAtThe Momentville.
  2. The Photo Studio: Also on the fifth floor. There's a pretty sturdy table in there, and it's super dark. Word.
  3. The Sixth Floor Futon: As comfy as the fifth floor one, but surrounded by first and second year Graphic Design students. They might look at you funny and/or make a lot of noise.
  4. The Sofas by Tim Horton's: Super comfy, but be forewarned that total strangers will spark up conversation around you, totally oblivious to your existance. I know this for sure. Trust me.
  5. The Sofas Across From The Library: The prime sleepspot. Akin to what the old Tower Lounge was to Notre Dame campus students, but without the large-ass TV. Bring a pillow to protect your head from the possibility of lice jumping aboard.

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