Monday, May 10, 2004's truly over, yo!
I have finally finished the Graphic Design course at RRC. It feels great! The world is my proverbial oyster and all that bullshit. I have, however, applied for the optional third year of the course, because I am a glutton for punishment. Well, not really. I just wanna get better n' stuff. Y'know? Here be the marks:

Advanced Campaign Management C+
Advanced Creative Imaging & System Management C+
Advanced Electronic PrePress C
Advanced Graphic Design D
Advanced Publication Design C+
Advanced Rendering for Illustration B
Design Management 2 B
Portfolio Presentation C
Work Experience 2 C

There ya go. Just about an hour before all this, I was cleaning up my work era because the muhfuckin' school brass want our shit cleared out like, tomorrow. Hey, I don't like it, but I can do it. I'm not sure about the rest of my fellow students. Some of them aren't even in town and have left shit behind.

Open House: May 6th and 7th
A fun couple of days there. F'real. I gotta give a shout out to Home of Instant Printing for getting my makeshift business cards done up superfast. I really appreciate it, because I was behind the 8 ball to get 'em done on time before the show. Here's what the back of 'em look like:
Image Hosted by
I used the translator in Sherlock(a Mac OS thing) to generate the Japanese characters for "Sexy Black" and included the Apple disclaimer at the bottom to protect my ass.

As I was saying...Open House was mad fun. The first night was Industry Night, so we all made sure we were dressed to the nines n' looking sharp. There was job potential in the air, don'tchaknow? The girls of my class, that already looked hot were off the chart in hotness that night. Kinda makes a dude like me happy to be alive n' shit.
Later, we were treated to a lecture by Darcy Clarke of Calgary's Push Branding. Admittedly, I was at first pissed off when I found out that he was gonna be our guest speaker, because I never heard of him and his company. That, and I don't think the list of potential speakers I had submitted was even looked at. Whatever. In the end, he won me over. His group's work is quite fun, and it was cool to hear the stories behind the campaigns.

When all was said and done, I don't know if any of us got jobs, but we sure as hell had a lot of fun! After the schmoozing was done, me and a few of my fellow students went over to a nearby studio space (rented by some friends of mine) to chill. It was a lot of fun, just sittin' back, thinking about what the future might hold.

We capped the night off at The King's Head. I got hugs from all the girls. Al was a happy man that night. I think we realized we might never see each other again (some of us, anyway), so we did what we could to make the night memorable. Being that the night was crisp and cool, and I had some energy to burn, I decided to walk home. Best decision I made all day. The strains of Railroad Jerk's The Third Rail kept me company.

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