Monday, May 03, 2004

Lazy-ass Days.
- It's kinda cool to have nothing to do for once. I just wish the weather was better (Winnipeg is rockin' a post-rain chill. Waitasec...the sun's coming out!) I'm in the mood for some readingbrandnewcomicsinanearbybaseballfield weather. *sigh*
- Spent a good section of the weekend with Sarah. Good times. This doesn't happen enough.
- Friday was fun as I went to my first show in months (except for
Another Bad Creation). I, along with a packed house at the Pyramid watched DJ Brace (TOOSICKS!) kill the decks to win the DMC 2004 Winnipeg Eliminations(HERE is a photo collage of all the competitors with Bracio front and centre). Props to Res One and DJ Ghost for picking up second and third respectively.
- The rest of the weekend has been taken up by watching The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection on DVD. Pure, unending entertainment. I had trouble leaving the house because of this thing.

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