Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Art School Sluts

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Easily the best porn vid box I've ever seen. I should cop this.
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Anonymous said...

you really need to lay off the porn shit, it's putting the ladies on a lower level, and you know it. Let it wrestle with you.

As for third year, it's a really nice way for the college to get another year's cash out of you and exhibit professional grade work as "student work"

so you learn a little flash - big deal - see how many design studios will give you the reigns to a flash web site design - you'll be the scanner boy.

third year is a complete crock of shit

oh yeah, anticon rules

Allan L. said...

I do wrestle with it, Kyle. Constantly. Me n' porn have a love/hate relationship. You can't front on this, though: that box cover rules. It kicks porn convention in the face and says, "yeah, you could look this dope if you tried."

As far as third year, it's been dope, except for Ross. He has a way of sucking the life out of you, hence my previous post.

Anonymous said...

this is ALASKA, Eon McKai's pornoGraphic Designer. Thanks for the props on the box. Please buy it, and spread the word! ...Art School Sluts are easy! join the Boards at too!

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it, dude! It's a trick! Get thee to a video store instead, and rent "First Wives Club"'s practically the same movie.

- drcolossus

Allan L. said...

You can't fool me, sir. I didn't just fall of the cashew truck yesterday, y'know. Besides, Diane Keaton isn't naked in that film.