Friday, September 10, 2004

Just For You...

...the "Artsy/Illo Stuff" links directly from my Safari browser. You're welcome. "Illo" is shorthand for illustration, by the way. It's gigpostersspeak.
Dave Crosland:
The Bird Machine:
Trevor Van Meter:
Fafi (damn, she's hot!):
Art Crimes:
Taschen Books:
Tim Biskup:
Skullz Press:
Giant One:
Guy Burwell:
Scott Britt:
Les Toil:
Peter De Seve:
Rockin' Jelly Bean:
Erosty Pop:
Luc Latulippe:
Bob Fingerman:
Mister Reusch:
Daniel Danger:
Shane Glines (totally refurbished site):
The Drawing Board:
Mark Atomos Pilon:
Robin Ator:
La Luz be Jesus:
Glenn Barr:
Dave Cooper:
Tom Bagley:
Ed Fotheringham (a whole lotta new shit here!):
Bring On the Big Girls! - A Drawing Board Thread
Jakob Westman (a Drawing Board regular):
Grady McFerrin:

This list is bound to grow.

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TRoyal said...

Oh, that's some hot clicking right THERE.