Monday, August 23, 2004

Peg City Holla Aftermath

Damn...what a weekend! Sarah and I decided to have a little weekend to ourselves (since school is starting up for the both of us soon) , so we got a room at the Radisson Downtown. It was just what we needed. Great service, a decently-sized room, and at a good price. I gotta give Sarah props for putting up with all the late nights due to the seventh annual Peg City Holla. This year, we were celebrating our own: Friday's event was dedicated to ten-plus years of rap releases in Winnipeg. The night started off with some of the city's younger acts taking the stage, but it was all about the four groups that put Winnipeg on the radar: Shadez, FrekSho, Mood Ruff, and Farm Fresh. Wanna see some pictures? I'm sure you do. Go HERE. If you check the Vinylist Jam, you might see a familiar face.

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