Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Soul Sides vs. Cocaine Blunts!

Good God, this dope! Oliver Wang's Soul Sides and Noz's Cocaine Blunts are down to outnerd each other by digging deep into their respective crates for obscure mid-90s 12" singles. In order to witness the carnage, you gotta peep both sites and download the goodness (start from the Oct. 11th postings on both sites, but act fast...the MP3s don't stay up that long). What a great time to be alive and on the web!

O-Dub's Soul Sides and Noz's Cocaine Blunts


TRoyal said...

GotDAMN, I love the Internet.

And I'm able to hear "Unsolved Mysterme."

Al, you're getting close to "The Muthafuckin Man" status. You just "The Man" now. But keep it up.

Allan L. said...

I appreciate that, dude. :)
Yup, the web can really rule.