Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Top 5 albums of the year, according to me:

  1. Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers

  2. mcenroe - Convenience EP (Not really an album, but dope nonetheless. Watch for his Disenfranchised album in '03)

  3. Rocket From the Crypt - Live From Camp X-Ray

  4. El-P - Fantastic Damage

  5. Sixtoo - Duration

My resolutions(already posted at gigposters.com):

  1. Draw more(even though I'll be drawing constantly in school)

  2. Cut the laziness, procrastination...it sucks.

  3. Save more cash

  4. Spend less time on the web(I should be disconnecting at home today. If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm working, and hopefully not dead.)

  5. Live life to the fullest as much as possible(see point 4)

Hey...have fun in what ever y'all are doing tonight. Play safe. Don't fuck around and get killed or something. I'll be pretty pissed at you. I'm slowly weaning myself off the web(see point 4 above), so posts will be kinda few n' far between. Nose to the grindstone and all that shit. Feel free to e-mail me, of course! Well, I guess that's it for now. Take care!
May a whole lotta lovin' come your way 2003.

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