Friday, December 20, 2002

Junko Mizuno does some really cute, and really creepy shit. Check her official English site here, and if you pick up the latest Giant Robot(which you'd be pretty stupid to not do), you can catch an interview with her. Oh yes, the infamous Barry McGee(aka Twist) is also in that issue, and did the cover. I love that dude's work. Him, Giant, and Reas AOK(Todd James)are my favorite writers.

Right now, Radiohead's video for "Push/Pull Spinning Plates" is on the Wedge. In it, an elaborate machine is used to separate a pair of conjoined twins by centrifugal force. Weird, and hard to take your eyes off of.

I may have unintentionally an internet acquaintance dissed someone by not saying hello at the Collective on Wednesday. I had a case of shyness and self-doubt tucked under each arm. If you're reading this at all, I'm really sorry.
Of course, I could be making a big deal out of nothing, which I tend to do. (Note to self: take meds properly, for fuck's sake!)

Sunday is Pink Day on Much. In the ad for it, the voiceover sez, "wanna see some Pink?" The nasty fuck inside of me is like, "HELL YEAH!! BRING IT ON!!" Where's the "tsk, tsk" emoticon?

Gotta work in the mornin'. Whoo! Money's good!!

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