Saturday, December 14, 2002

I'm missing Chicago right now. I was there for under a week in April, and it felt like home. Beautiful fuckin' city.

Is there a loser scale out there? I wanna see where I fit in. Here are my "attributes":
- 27 going on 55
- Livin' with Moms...still.
- Lazy as fuck.
- King of self-deprication(read earlier entries in this weblog for proof)
- Whiner(again, read the rest of this weblog...although this entry proves it)
- 2000-plus Ideas vs. zero ambition(the eternal struggle)
The one thing that keeps me from setting up permanent residence in Loserdom, is the fact that I have a fine-ass girlfriend.
Almost five years with the same good-lovin' lady. Must be doing something right. Haven't "jumped the shark" yet.
Time will tell.

I'm gonna clean my room. I'll probably be more pleasant in the morning. Tomorrow is another day, after all.
And I'm gonna take my medication properly.

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