Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Christmas shout-outs:

  • My lovely girlfriend, Sarah

  • Scrojo

  • Clay, Kendra, and all the gigposters.com regulars

  • Jim Altieri

  • Tom aka Standard

  • Troy and E. of UrbanTherapy.com

  • Iron Canucks(my boys for life)

  • RRC Graphic Design Program(staff, students past and present)

  • Greg Oakes

  • the Break Bread crew

  • Troy(soso)and Epic of Clotheshorse Records

  • the Winnipeg Punk and Sexcore boards

  • Tablist.ca(what up, Brace?)

  • Ann Marie(stay beautiful!)

  • Electra Summers(you too...stay beautiful!)

  • Les Toil

  • Mister Reusch(yer tha best!)

  • the Unofficial Untalkative Bunny Fan Club

  • my man Floyd Lee

  • Misericordia housekeeping staff

  • Broadway Pharmacy

  • Dave Crosland

  • Jon Hein

  • Cat of Cat's House of Fun

  • Salgood Sam

  • Seripop

  • hey, if I forgot one of youse...kick my ass later. It's Christmas! Put down your ass-kicking foot.

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