Friday, December 06, 2002

Just had me a peanut butter and egg nog milkshake - no ice cream. Fanfuckintastic.
*sigh*...gonna have to disconnect the web at home. It's time. When that time is...not sure.
When you hear from me on this thing, it'll be from school, my girlfriend's house, or(*shudder*)the library.
For now, everything is copacetic!

At the Collective: 11th - Milch and Allegra Night featuring YBIMBP*(the folks that released the aformentioned EP...which I have yet to get), Equanim, and guests. 18th - Ill Rap Battle 3! I guarantee...sucka MCs will get smacked silly!! Verbally, of course.

At the Albert: on the 20th, the Hummers release their new album.

At the Pyramid: the following night, The Peanuts and Corn Revue!! Apparently the whole Break Bread crew will be in the house(mcenroe is the only crew member living outside of Winnipeg), and Mr. Pinkgitch** aka John Smith will be releasing his new 7" entitled, High Arctics. It's all about Churchill, and it's all dope. Give'r a listen at
. Sweetness. These guys can do no wrong.

Hey! One of the Untalkative Bunny seasonal episodes will make it's debut today at 5 PM(central) on Teletoon. YAY!

The incredibly talented Dan Grzeca of Chicago informed me that he too, shall be joining the Blog race! This is good news. And this guy is fuckin' good too, man. When I get the URL, I'll post it. In the meantime,
check this shit out
. I wish I had this dude's talent.

Ann Marie of is gonna send me off with truly sweet dreams tonight. She added an update to her Sexy Gallery(part 2 of the White photo shoot), and it is tasty. Good Lord. I'm hurtin' over here! I wish there were more big girls like her in the world...that'd be my Utopia. Go
. Feast your eyes!

I taped SmackDown! tonight, and I'm watching it right now. I may have ruined it by reading
Scott Keith's
review first, but he's a knowledgeable guy, so what the fuck? Some cat at the Break Bread board was worried about battling becoming commercial since 8 Mile, and he's got good reason. John Cena and Rikishi were just "battling". One of the wackest things I've ever seen. There are a lot of shitty things going on in the WWE.
Chris Benoit gave the best interview of his career, and I've been following most of that amazing history. I already know the results of the 4-way match, but I'm gonna watch it anyway. Later, y'all.

*YBIMBP = Your Brother in My Backpack
**Mr. Pinkgitch = That's Canuckspeak for ya. "Gitch" means underwear. In the West, it's gitch...out East, "gotch". Ask around.

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