Monday, December 09, 2002

I'm afraid of living in a world where young men do not know what real breasts look like. I feel for our male youth. That's it...if I'm gonna have to distribute random copies of Voluptuous and Perfect 10 in high schools throughout North America to sway their eyes towards natural beauty, then by golly, that's what I'ma do! The boys gotta know!!

Shit, did I just type that? Ummm...yup.

BTW, Perfect 10 has all-natural models and Voluptuous has models of all sizes(from petite to "plumper"...I never thought I'd get sick of that word, but I think it's happening)with gargantuan breastseses. Hey, I know what I recommend.

Speaking of recommending things, see Doug Pray's Scratch. It's an outstanding film, and a great from a filmmaker that is an outsider to hip-hop culture. The only thing missing from the film was an innterview with Kool Herc, the man at the centre of hip-hop's genesis(I believe he tried, but things didn't work out). I think most folks that don't believe that a turntable is an instrument will be turned into believers. And even if they don't get converted, they'll be a little wiser about hip-hop culture as a whole. F'real. Need info? Lookee here. His first film, Hype!, is also quite good.

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