Monday, January 24, 2005

Toning it down, kinda...

I've already started with my language around here, now I gotta give the content a try. I wanna contribute stuff to Illustration Friday, and to prevent my link from getting erased, I'm gonna try to clean things up around here. Or at least I'm gonna try to...we'll see how long this experiment lasts. I forgot to mention that the Imageshack thumbnail to the right is my contribution to Tastes Like Chicken's February Sketchbook. You like? Don't get me wrong, now that I have Sarah, I actually dig Valentine's Day. I just thought, "hey, wouldn't someone's heart on a nail be the ultimate valentine?" Twisted, yes, but that's how I rock, dawg. Recognize.
I'd like to take this moment to say that the Mates of State are the cutest rock n' roll couple ever. Here's a quote from POP77's Chris that rather accurately describes their sound:
"It's the sound of an elementary school choir, rushing down the hall on Christmas morning and the breathless exhilaration of a first kiss."
How can you not listen to 'em after that, huh? Peep their newfangled site.

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