Saturday, January 15, 2005

Random Thoughts: January 15th, 2005

One minute self portrait, Dec. 21st, 2004
  • I'm the only motherfucker here (in the classroom) right now. I'm constantly surprised by that.
  • I'm headed to Ivory in a couple hours, followed by a little 5-pin. Should be cool. I'm in the mood for some butter chicken.
  • I was just at the Cream Gallery, and I picked up a Fiona Smyth print (today was the last day of her solo show). She's so good...I miss seeing her work in Exclaim! My mentor Stephen Boychuk is gonna have some pieces in Cream's upcoming show "Love 2005". Should be dope.
  • I caved in and bought Chris Ware, a book that's part of the Monographics series, where certain designers/illustrators are examined in depth. I gotta get the Chip Kidd one (it's not mentioned in the above link, but it exists). This purchase may have just served to feed my artistic insecurity/penis envy, but so be it.
  • I was dismayed to find out that Jay Ryan's "Squirrels Taking Risks" poster is all sold out. *sigh*
  • Gotta get some work done. Peace.
EDIT: Additional Thoughts
  • The cover for the new Farm Fresh album is one of P & C's best yet. Here's the skinny.
  • Yesterday, I got to flip through the photo book XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits. It's pretty cool; each photo of the porn practioners with clothes on is accompanied by a nude one in an identical pose. They stand right there before you, unvarnished. I liked it. Want more info? Yes you do, fucker.


Jeope said...

Stephen's stuff is excellent. I had no idea...well, I had some idea from school, he's done very well since. I might check out his show on Friday.

Allan L. said...

Yeah, his work is dope. when my man Mark told me about him, I was floored. I was like, "he's from Winnipeg?" The last time I visited him, he had to hide the shit he was doing for the show before he let me in.
Keep an eye out for the next Exclaim!, he's gonna have something there.