Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lookin' Back For A Sec...

...this Illustration Friday thing is dope! I've had a ton of folks coming over here checking out my weblog for something I've done artistically instead of my salacious musings, which feels stupendous. On the other hand, I miss writing about all things dirty, and the cursing. It became such a part of me that I'm missing it's presence. I'm considering opening up a second blog for the dirty stuff. I'll give it some thought.

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Robot Johnny (where I first heard about Illustration Friday) • Penelope Illustration (home of Penelope Dullaghan, creator of Illustration Friday)


chrisp said...

Speaking of Illustration - Cool Jay Ryan interview:,1,5836107.story?coll=chi-leisuretempo-hed

Allan L. said...

Someone at gigposters mentioned that...thanks for reminding me! I'm gonna print that out.