Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Gluttony"

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Friar Tuck Style, 2005 • Pencil and Photoshop®

This was fun to do. I just did small drawings of the pig-man's head, arm, and the turkey leg and put 'em together.
The inspiration for this: Many young Canuck adults have episodes of Rocket Robin Hood lodged in their craniums, and I'm no exception. Between commercial breaks, you'd see profiles of Little John, Rocket Robin Hood, and Friar Tuck. The most memorable thing in Tuck's segment was his steamroller eating style, which had him taking one bite out of a food item and tossing it over his shoulder. Good times.


Anonymous said...

I really dig this.


Anonymous said...

Ah,,,Friar Tuck. Hmmm, perhaps if he showed the same amount of enthusiasm into some carnal activity that doesn't include inserting a drumstick into his mouth, he could earn himself a new rep and a new name. Call me, Friar F**k!

Sorry, feeling like a bit of a dirty dog tonight :)

Allan L. said...

Thanks for the comments, folks. Hey is this the Patti that I know? Howdy, beautiful! :)
It's cool to have folks visiting here for something I'm doing, rather than searching for topless pictures of Sara Rue (of which I have none, thank you).

Anonymous said...

hehe. love the name, "el negro magnifico", awesome. plus, i love your entry. very nice and pissed off. cool.


Anonymous said...


love the toss, really great
carefree gluttony, oh year


Jeope said...

"Some may think him fat, foolish, and not worth worrying about. But don't you believe it..."

I love those little vignettes. Little John and his electro-quarterstaff with the squirrel on it. Rockin'!

Giao said...

Really great! I think the flung food really cements the spirit of the gluttonous pig!

Gnome G

Lisa said...

This is truly fantastic. I just love your use of line. And he is a truly gluttonous pig. Wow...


Allan L. said...

"Little John and his electro-quarterstaff with the squirrel on it."
I forgot about that detail!

Thanks for the props everybody.

Diseased Wits said...

Lov'n the angle, colors and overall execution. You have some great work! Pack this blog with more pieces like that, man.

Ryan Melvin said...

I like that. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Heh...great illo! "Friar Tuck style" hehehhe that made me laugh.