Tuesday, January 11, 2005

AL30: All the highlights.

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I've hinted at it previously, but now it's here...I have turned 30 today. Instaed of pissin' and moanin' like I usually do with my birthday, I've decided to accept the inevitablity of the aging process. I'm looking at it positively: I'm still good-lookin' (IMHO), all of my limbs work, I've got a great girl, and I'm employed. Things are pretty fuckin' good.

Let me take you on a journey...

  • January 11th, 1975: I was born...duh. St. Boniface hospital was where I touched down.
  • 1978-1980: Two significant musical moments in my life - The Rolling Stones Black and Blue was my first rock n' roll album, and I was exposed to rap music to the first time through K-tel's Dance to the Music ("Rapper's Delight", of course).
  • 1980-87: I attended Mulvey School, a fine little elementary institution. This is where I became the champion of unrequited love, falling for a different girl each year. In 1981, I kissed the snotty upper lip of a girl named Charity. A watershed moment if I do say so myself. I was teased mercilessly because of my weight, and I fought back, developing a terrible temper in the process. I also developed my drawing "talent", which I thought I'd parlay into an animation career. That changed when everything took a back seat to my pro wrestling obsession in '85.
  • 1987-1993: Gordon Bell High was where I spent my formative years. It was a new time in my life, so I developed a new vocabulary: I started swearing. In '88, rap music was killin' it on the mainstream tip, and I was right along with it listening to Stone Cold Rhymin' and Loc-ed After Dark. I continued my lovelorn ways, falling for several girls that had no interest in me. There was at least one instance of mutual attraction, but of course I managed to fuck that up. It's probably for the best, I could've ended up a teen father. I had my first date with Jodi M. in '92...she stomped on my heart later, but that's water under the bridge. My close friends and I continued to bond over episodes of Kids in the Hall, where re-enacting their skits was akin to youngemcees battling at the lunchtable.
  • 1988-1995: I kept my first job for nearly 8 years. I delivered prescriptions for Broadway Pharmacy, located on the corner of Young & Broadway. It was a rough area, so I grew up fast.
  • 1993-98: After high school, I spent some time at Robertson College learning the craft of radio broadcasting, and audio/video production at the National Institute of Broadcasting. I ended up working at Musiplex, Winnipeg's best music store at the time. Thank you, higher education! Things turned around for me when I met the love of my life, Sarah Mackenzie. She fuckin' rules.
You know what? I'm boring myself with this. I pictured this a lot more witty.
The point is, things right now are pretty good. I'm gonna dwell on that.


Jeope said...

You didn't mention how that when we played 'Olympic foursquare' tournaments at Mulvey, you'd always represent Africa. And to this day I say: That doesn't count. It's not a f**kin' country.

Allan L. said...

Yes, I was ignorant at the time. It's a continent. It still sounds better than "Team Chad".

cantonlady said...

Happy Bday, Al! The big 30........It is truly a turning point in life. You can't backpaddle, and step backward into the twenties, and probably wouldn't want to. Not in this crazy world. All the best big guy, we luv ya, and go out and celebrate.

Allan L. said...

Thanks! Excuse me for asking, but who are you?

TRoyal said...

Much love to the old man, from south of the border! Ha! Stay up, my man!

Allan L. said...

Thank you, sir!