Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Get the Fuck Outta Here!

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This shit ain't right, man. I went downstairs (I'm at school, see) to grab a "healthy" snack. Of course, the Merc (Red River Merchantile) doesn't really have anything like that. I figure I'll grab myself a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's®, because they're, like, sinfully good.
$3.07 for these motherfuckers? Come on! That shit ain't right at all. I always knew they were a tad costly, but FUCK!

That's it...I gotta clean up my language. I'm beginning to make myself sick.

Still ain't right, though.


jk said...

i have to agree with you about cleaning up your language. joy would be horrified!! :-)

Jeope said...


I think the M&M people and the Merc people are in cohoots on this. They know they got a sucker in the building and they're playin' ya. PLAYIN' ya!

TRoyal said...

Playing you

That's just wrong. Three bones?

Allan L. said...

Yup. Three. It's a tasty three bucks, though.