Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Skid Row Pimpin'

Pip & Ness

Pip (with the infamous Nestor Wynrush) performing "Cut Me Into A 1000 Pieces & Burn Them For 3 Weeks" at the West End Cultural Centre – March 13th, 2010. This shot is in the current issue of Stylus (thanks, Jenny!).

Y'all sick of me talking about Skid Row yet? I hope not. Because what I'm really saying is: YOU NEED THIS ALBUM. And now, you can get it within your filthy fingers via the good folks at Foultone. Purchase your physical copy via this link, and hit 'em off PayPal style.

What? You prefer zeros and ones? Well, it's on iTunes, too. US and Canada, fool. Get you some.

Still not convinced? What do I have to do? Free radio versions of three Pip tracks from You drive a hard bargain. All zipped up for your convenience.

This is some of the best shit Pip has ever recorded, and he'd be the first to tell you so. This is going to sound weird, but believe me, you will never hear self-hatred sound so good. Wanna know why? Because Pip's acidic, grimy rhymes and Kutdown's sublime beats are the finest tag team since the British Bulldogs. Kut outdid himself on the production tip, and he laces y'all with the shit that real heads dream of. A special shout-out goes to my man DJ Co-op for "You Got A Bad Name"; tap shoes have never sounded so dark. Good job, homie.
So, yeah, playa...enrich your life. Visit Skid Row.

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