Monday, April 19, 2010

Zero 2 Illo 12 Week Challenge: Week 2

This week (and I'm a little late due to real life interfering), we were to come up with a one page business plan. Here's the info behind all of that. Personally, I think I'm going to have to re-write this at some point, as I think I'm repeating myself and not answering things clearly. But, time is of the essence, and I really hope I handle week 3 better than this. You can't  hear me, but I'm totally muttering under my breath about how I took care of this and I definitely plan on getting some feedback from the Zero 2 Illo fam. it really 5:13 AM? Yes. Yes it is. Bed time.

  • Objective:
    Ultimate goal – gallery shows and high profile illustration jobs
    Bigger goal – Solo gallery shows and world travel due to those shows
  • Goals:
    Income goals – charging and getting what I’m worth, augmenting current income
    Markets & Audiences – music/entertainment magazines, poster & music lovers
    Channels – Etsy and classified ad
  • Strategies:
    Income streams - selling my work via Etsy/GP, maybe a Big Cartel store?
    Market/Audience first focus - editorial illustration, I figure. I’d like to do something for Exclaim! before the end of the year.
    Services - I’m not sure what to say here.
    How will I deliver? - Personally, I figure. I don’t have an agent, and I figure it’ll be a while before I do.
  • Measures:
    Key milestones - seriously, if I sell out of an entire print run of art prints, I’d consider that successful. Other than that, I think I really ought to think about this a little more.


. justin segal said...

hey al ... these OGSMs are murder! The moment I did mine, I sorta knew it wasn't right. So think of this week as v.1 and we can re-do 'em over and over til we get it right.

Rock on!

Allan Lorde said...

Sounds like a plan! Many thanks, Justin.