Sunday, January 01, 2006

I asked, she said yes

Sarah and I are finally takin' the plunge!


Here's the whole deal as told to the folks of
"I was worried about how this would go over, because she's kinda made it known that I'm not exactly the romantic type, which I'll totally own up to.
The thing is, I've been told by several folks that since we've been together for 7 years, she'll be happy with the fact that I've FINALLY asked. So, we had dinner, which was totally kickass, by the way. From there, we decided to hit the Forks to check the fireworks, which I figured we'd up at, as long as we could brave the cold (it's a compartively mild 25┬║ F (-5┬║ C) out as opposed to the usual temp.). We puttered around until a quarter-to-twelve and joined the rest of the folks outside to ring in the new year. We did that, and then the fireworks went off. Right there, I bit the bullet and pulled the ring out of my ill-fitting suit jacket and said, "will ya marry me?" The look on her face was priceless.
Getting over the initial shock, she said yes.
Apparently, I did okay...more than okay, apparently. She said it was "very Winnipeg". Folks behind us and in front cheered us on.

The act of giving her the ring and asking was 95% " goes!" and 5% "what the f**k am I doing?!?"

I'm feeling pretty good right now, though."

Hey...happy new year, y'all!


lumpesse said...


Allan L. said...

Thanks, Ellie!

queenoftheuniverse said...

woo! :-)

TRoyal said...

The male partner of UrbanTherapy approves and sends congratulations!

jk said...

way to go al! congratulations!!

so, uh, when are you gonna have kids?!? :-) (sorry, dood, i just had to ask!)

Jeope said...

Jeezum H. Crow, lookit the size of that rock!

You did it up right, Mister! We thought we heard fireworks and jaws dropping from our living room.

So, how far along is she?

Heh. I keed, I keed. That's stellar, friend. Muchas congratulatio├▒as.

Anonymous said...

Al really surprised me, amd that is hard to pull off. I tend to be in everything. I am very impressed. I LOVE the ring.

maeengan said...

Alzy! I was going to make my move on Sarah, but you beat me to the punch! Congrats! Can't wait for the wedding. A week before the wedding, we (as in all the guys) should go for a weekend fishing trip, or a road trip, a la Sideway's, in B.C' vine yard.

Wadda ya think?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alzy! One more good man gone-is there still hope in the world?? My best to you and Sarah! Patti

Jenn said...

HUGE congratations to both of you!!! Let me know when the wedding is, I'm there with bells on.

nick(amazing) said...

congrats to you both!
keep me posted about the wedding...
the bachelor party as well.


Sherry Nash Unrau said...

Wow, I didn't think you had it in you Al! I'm so happy for you both. The choice of days couldn't be better ;) We should get together sometime so we can introduces our loves!

Steve said...

Congrats buddy!

Doomz said...

A bit belated, but congratulations, dude. (I came here from the forums to see what other Black artists are up to.)