Friday, December 30, 2005

One of the few things Much has done right this year... Video on Trial.
They took a VH1-style concept, and rocked it. The fact that a couple of the regular guests (Debra Digiovanni and a cutie who's name I can't remember) are pretty cute to me is icing on the cake.


Jeope said...

I've seen this a few times also, including the other day when I believe Chris Jericho was one of the "judges". Some of it's OK. Some are just pot-shots at way-too-easy targets (like Shakira - wasn't her video from like, two years ago?)

Allan L. said...

I'll admit that some of it is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I find it to be a pretty good time. It seems like anything that's dropped in the past 5 years is game for ridicule on that show.