Thursday, December 29, 2005

What I bought on Boxing Day...

Y'all know me. I dig Christmas, but it's Boxing Day that I really look forward to. Many thanks to the folks that made it possible to enjoy it this year.

  • Stones Throw 101 DVD + CD
  • Dead Flowers soundtrack
  • Kanye's College Dropout (yeah, I know...I shoulda had it a while back. It was on my friend Krista's iTunes at school, so I'd listen to it that way since we were networked n' shit.)
  • Print's Regional Annual (finally! Those motherfuckers fucked up my subscription.)
  • Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time Out (I've wanted this for ages.)
  • Battle Vixens 6
  • Illustration '05 Issue 2 (C.F. Payne is the subject, and there's a cool Leslie Carbaga interview near the end)
  • The Speedball® Textbook
  • The Mini Zen Gardening Kit from Running Press
  • The latest Acme Novelty Library thing. So good.
I done good.

1 comment:

GSB said...

nice... looks like you made out well this year. for reals.