Sunday, January 29, 2006

Illustration Friday: Glamour

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Guyinadress (unfinished), 2006 • graphite, black Copic marker, Staedtler pigment liner and Photoshop®

Ever do something you didn't feel like finishing but felt you had to share anyway? That's this one here. I got to coloring, and I was like, "nuh-uh. Stop now." I think part of my reason for stopping was that I wasn't gonna color it at all initially. The drawing came out differently to how I originally saw it in my head, but I liked it anyway. And how I was coloring was different, too, so it all felt kinda funny, y'know? I might take a stab at re-drawing it this week. We'll see.

I'm all for dressin' nice n' shit, but all this pretentious label bullshit is ridiculous. I don't give a f**k if you're sportin' Vera Wang or Bob Mackie or f**kin' Frederick's of Hollywood (actually, it depends on who's sportin' Frederick's. Their stuff is mad slutty. I like that.). All that shit is product placement, and I'm not interested. One of the reasons I don't watch award shows.

Unintentionally, this dude looks a little like Ami James. That's not a diss towards him at all, in fact, Miami Ink is one of the few "reality" shows I can tolerate.

One thing I'll say about glamour is this...actually, it was said better by one of gigposters peoples:
"I think I'm gonna pretend I'm a gay fashion designer so I can cop a feel on hot chicks at award shows."


Ellen said...

Fabulous! LOVE the humor in it!

Anonymous said...

Hahahheheheee, our dudes should parade together :)

The Unknown said...

Great character. Funny stuff.

Gronk said...

Great character face. He's got a solid personality. The right arm is a bit long compared to the left, but that's a nit.

Finish him up man, he may not match what's in yer head, but he's got a solid presense, and would jump out with a good background.

Alina Chau said...

very funny!! Nice illo!

Sara said...

My favorite one so far. By far. :)