Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Al'z Book of Lists for 2005: a post-mortem

Chillin' outside Chapters.

Note for '06: I need a new hoodie.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain lists posted elsewhere. So there.



  1. Travellin'. Chicago, Minneapolis and Roanoke. I've had a shitload of fun.
  2. Meeting a bunch of you f**kers (gigposters memebers and others). Wezz, Letta, Lonny, J-Me, Shad, Nate Mike n' Dan of AA, Casey, Dale, Amy Jo, DWITT, Whitey, Chloe & Yannick of Seripop, Andy (aka Cody) and Beth, Jay and Mat (plus the Punk Planet staff), Troy and Eulalia...the pleasure was all mine.
  3. Poster collab with Lonny. That was too cool for words, especially seeing the process step-by-step. Many thanks, dude. In the new year, I'm gonna sell some of 'em. Word.
  4. 2 shows: Heavy Trash and Masta Ace. I've been waiting 10 years to see Jon Spencer in my neck of the woods, and this show was TOTALLY worth the wait. Masta Ace's set at the Pyramid was a total pick-me-up and one of the best rap shows I've ever seen.
  5. Moving out. I can finally call myself an adult. It's kinda surreal, but it feels good.
  6. Working at Lögberg-Heimskringla. Working at a place where you're appreicated? Hmmm...never really had that before. And I'm learning a lot. Feels good.


  1. Celeb deaths. Sad, but what can you do? People die.
  2. The London bombings, hurricanes, and all other kinds of chaos... 'Nuff said.
  3. Scott Stapp's solo album and the fact that Nickelback still roams the earth.

  1. I'm gonna stop hating on Mormons.
  2. The two people I dislike the most on this site are off my s**tlist. Life's too short to hang on to internet beef.
  3. Gonna eat better.
  4. Gonna put my all into every creative endeavour.
  5. Being financially responsible? I can do that.

AL'Z TOP 10 ALBUMS (Off the top of his pointy head)

  1. Edan's The Beauty and the Beat. I questioned whether he'd be able to top his debut with a psych-based journey. Dude proved me wrong.
  2. Mike Doughty's Haughty Melodic. This is the shit he's always wanted to write, and it shows. These are songs of longing for love, so I can totally relate to the subject matter.
  3. Cage's Hell's Winter. Talk about a lyrical about face! Drug-addled sex fiend emcee becomes world-aware and introspective rapper with an emo-ish haircut. He could stand to lose the 'do, but he didn't lose much of his early grit. Good on ya, Chris.
  4. John Smith/Pip Skid/Skratch Bastid's Taking Care of Business. Quite possibly the best Canadian rap album ever. Really.
  5. Farm Fresh's Time Is Running Out. They never really stopped recording together, but the writing was on the wall to reform the Voltron that was Farm Fresh. Early rhymes about getting some and aliens have been replaced by joints about getting older and the decaying Downtown of Brandon. Age looks good on these guys.
  6. Blueprint's 1988. Pitchfork hated on it, but they can get the dick. Sure, it wasn't conceptually solid, but damn if it wasn't fuckin' fun! There's a little bit of shit talkin' and some storytellin'. I ain't picky. This is good. And Dave Crosland hooked up the cover artwork. There y' go.
  7. Sexsmith & Kerr's Destination Unknown. I've dug Ron Sexsmith's work for ages, but this was the first project of his that I bothered to pick up, and I'm so glad I did. His harmonies with Don Kerr are the closest thing to heaven you'll find on earth. It's kinda like listening to the Louvin Brothers, but they aren't drunks and they ain't singin' about "darkies" (I'm not bitter.)
  8. Mood Ruff's I Do My Own Stunts. I've known these guys for ages, but I really didn't know they had this album in 'em. I was blown away from the first listen. Solid production and nothing but fun.
  9. DangerDoom's The Mouse and the Mask. What can I say that the ass-kissing critics haven't said already? IT'S GOOD. Could've used some Venture Bros. participation, though.
  10. Common's Be. I just remembered to put this on. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. Dude came back to Earth, but let motherfuckers know we can't go back to '94. Hey, that's all I was askin' for. "The Corner" had me open for MONTHS before the album came out.

And the other five: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Naturally; the Deadly Snakes, Porcella; the Coachwhips, Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge; Harvey Danger, Little by Little*; the Perceptionists, Black Dialogue.

*That Harvey Danger joint is available for FREE, legally. I'm not joking. Once I get back in the black, I'm gonna kick 'em some dough to get the actual album. It's that good. http://www.harveydanger.com


  1. Kanye West's Early Registration. I wasn't feelin' that "Diamonds" joint, but I dig what I've been hearing as far as the rest. Sarah likes to point at herself when 'ye says "leave your ass for a white girl". It's cute.
  2. John Legend's Get Lifted. "Live it Up" is my joint. I haven't felt much in R & B since our troubled D'Angelo ('cept maybe Jill Scott, and I still don't have any of her stuff. I should.), but this dude has MAD soul.


  1. A Sylvania Dot-It®. That's some serious light, muhfucka!
  2. Uh...I can't remember.


  1. gigposters.com. Like you thought I was gonna put something else on top? Get the fuck outta here!
  2. drawn.ca. It's a crack-like substance for all you illustration heads.
  3. Illustration Friday. Y'all know.
  4. Fleshbot.com. They find the dope smut so you don't have to. (NSFW)
  5. Any TGP with Katja Kassin.
  6. flickr.com. I'm learning a shitload about photography and "meeting" some talented people.
  7. A ton of weblogs, including: the Ward-O-Matic, Jeopopolis, At Least My Mom Thinks I'm Cool, Maeengan's Wolf Den, and many more.

Fuck, that's it...I'm tired.


GSB said...

i'm hurt man. hurt. ;)

Jeope said...

I gotta post this now: you're a seriously skilled writer. Reading this stuff – practically any of it – just rolls into my brain like I'm listening to someone talk on the radio. You should keep that end of things open.

Allan L. said...

Well, that settles it. You're a pretty damn good writer yourself (thanks for the kudos), and the dude that commented before you is from Crown Dozen. He's kinda been after me to write a little somethin' for him.
I'll be writin' to you shortly, Shane!

G147 said...

Designers that write? OK, we'll save some bylines for you cats too!

Stay cool Al,